Rotomolder Adds to Series of Educational Videos

Rotomolder Adds to Series of Educational Videos

Granger Plastics Company, an authority within the rotational molding industry is expanding on a valuable resource it is offering the public and anyone interested in rotomolding.  The company has released a series of videos across various internet platforms.  People seeking information about rotational molding can easily find this resource explaining the requirements, steps and value of the rotational molding process.  The release of this video series makes an education in rotomolding more available that it has ever been.  The number of videos, images and information released by the rotomolder is constantly growing and reflects the basics as well as some specialized products of the process.  The company also has websites providing instant access to rotomolding professionals for custom rotational molding quotes.

The internet is a huge source for day to day information.  Businesses of every magnitude rely on it to grow and progress in a timely and competitive manner.  Videos are one of the most utilized resource of information.  The series of videos developed by Granger Plastics Company, an authority in the market and process are geared to educating those interested in rotomolding a product or interested in rotational molding as a career.  The series includes an introduction to the rotomolding process as well as a video on custom rotational molding walking the viewer step by step through each explanation.  Granger’s 20 year history in the industry paired with its extensive design team weigh the videos with interesting and informative content.  Many other videos available include specific product features and capability examples including carts, tanks, air cargo containers, tornado shelters and many more.

Educating both the public and businesses about the rotational molding process supports essential market growth and maximizes potential product development.  This also may attract potential candidates for careers in this specialized field of manufacturing.  Educational videos make information easily available to anyone interested in learning more about this process.

Granger Plastics Company is a rotational molder with decades of experience in custom and proprietary manufacturing.  Granger Plastics includes Granger Aerospace, the Granger ISS- Inground Tornado Shelter and ForeverSafe Products.  Full service custom manufacturing is available from design to mold making and through fulfillment.  Quotes can be easily requested through the contact form available at or by contacting Granger Plastics Company at 513-424-1955.


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