Crypto Learning Academy

Crypto Learning Academy


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World’s first and fastest growing Crypto Learning Gamification platform

Highrise Elite Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of Crypto Learning Academy. Crypto Learning Academy is the world's first and fastest growing Crypto Learning Gamification platform that rewards players with real cryptocurrency and crypto prizes.

The Crypto Learning Academy is a cutting-edge platform that uses games to teach the basics of cryptocurrency. Players will complete missions and can win cryptocurrency prizes including Bitcoin! This means users can play, learn and earn all at the same time!

We are only accepting 5000 members from across the world for our first mission. After that, the doors will be closed and you will not be able to join until the next mission begins.

Aside from the game, members will also have access to a library of self-paced educational courses and tutorials. CLA offers our community exclusive benefits to help enhance their learning experience. Member benefits include live training, instructor support, industry research, reviews, guides and much more.

Our passion with Crypto Learning Academy is to teach the masses about cryptocurrency, blockchain and Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is changing the world and changing peoples lives.

Crypto Learning Academy is designed to help the average person begin their own crypto journey. From learning the basics to becoming a sophisticated cryptocurrency trader, Crypto Learning Academy provides our students with everything they need to succeed.

Crypto Learning Academy offers two flexible membership options. The “Players Subscription” which gives you access to all of the features the platform has to offer. It also allows players to win real cryptocurrency prizes. The “Watchers Subscription” allows users to have access to our self-paced courses and content without competing in the missions for prizes.

We are grateful for being able to take part in this exciting time in history and look forward to bringing cryptocurrency to the world!

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