Excelorators’ Founders Unveil On-Demand Education Marketplace

Excelorators’ Founders Unveil On-Demand Education Marketplace

Excelorators’ Founders Unveil On-Demand Education Marketplace

Platform Uses Blockchain to Deliver On-Site Educational Experiences


Chiasso, Switzerland -- Richard Maaghul and Bill Bayrd, co-founders of Excelorators Inc., are pleased to announce the creation of ODEM.IO, the world’s first On-Demand Education Marketplace.

ODEM.IO is a blockchain-based platform that will empower students to directly engage with top academics around the world to create high-quality on-site educational experiences at a reasonable cost. The platform, which aspires to become the Airbnb of international education, plans to launch a public crowdsale on February 17, 2018, to fund the further deployment.

“We’re very excited to be utilizing the blockchain to ensure a trustworthy, transparent, decentralized education environment where everyone in the ODEM community will have complete control of their learning experience,” said Maaghul, ODEM’s Chief Executive Officer.

The ODEM platform uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to streamline the logistics of organizing and delivering short-and-medium-term academic experiences that have traditionally been plagued by inefficiencies. Blockchain technology underpins the creation of an exchangeable ODEM Token that will ease cross-border payments and encourage professors to align their course offerings with students’ changing needs.

“We are truly unlocking EduTech [Education Technology] for everyone to create a future of equal and affordable access to education,” Maaghul said.  

ODEM.IO owes its inspiration to Cambridge, Massachusetts-based partner Excelorators and its more than five years of experience in crafting innovative educational experiences for international students and foreign executives at top U.S. universities and corporate campuses. Excelorators, with an office in San Francisco, already has a network of more than 200 professors and education industry service providers to spearhead adoption of the ODEM platform.

ODEM plans to unveil a beta version of the platform during the first quarter of 2018.

For more information about ODEM, see https://odem.io/.

To join the ODEM conversation on Telegram: http://t.me/odem_io

About ODEM

ODEM is a first-of-its-kind global, decentralized education marketplace to deliver complete end-to-end, in person, custom learning programs. It unifies the needs of global education buyers and suppliers by using blockchain technology to improve transparency and efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. Anyone can use ODEM to list, discover or purchase unique education experiences at affordable prices.

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