POE War for The Atlas Expansion Introduction

We've previously protected both of the advancement itself along with its accompanying new league mechanic extensive, however if you don't seem like wading hip-deep by using again, here's the abridged version:

The endgame is really a lot bigger now. Although the previous expansion - Fall of Oriath - vastly expanded the dimensions of the major story (from 4 acts looped over 3 difficulty options, to a single steady ramp-up of difficulty across 10 distinct acts), War For The Atlas builds on the post-story adventures that begin once you may have run out of to murder and commence dipping into parallel dimensions so that you can murder their deities.

War for the Atlas integrates all the content from Fall of Oriath into the Atlas, along with some new tips for its own. For instance, two rival gods of creation are generally preventing over domination of the multiverse, and also your strategic choices will gradually change the result of the conflict. Whichever god you make it possible to victory will likely be who you might be throwing down with because your True Final Boss at the end of space and time itself. Since previous story decision of the game was which of three bandit leaders to spare (if any) way back in Act 2, this can be a teensy bit of an escalation in stakes.

This is all endgame content, though. To spice up the long route to eternity, there's the popular league which includes sweeping effects all in all game must you participate. You will have to roll a new character to join the fun, and you may also need to buy poe orbs but you can find the world infested with new undead monsters that burrow up through cracks in the ground. Follow these spreading crevasses with the map far enough, killing critters when they spawn, and you will probably encounter a mini-boss, chest filled with new abyssal gear, or maybe a tunnel down into the depths to face the lich at the heart of this new infestation in a knock-down, drag-out multi stage boss fight.

You'll find, Path of Exile remains 100 % free, game-content wise. Staying with the developer's "Ethical free-to-play" business model, whenever you can find extra cross-character stash tabs (beginning from several free) with real money, that the absolute extent in which cash can transform the game. Everything else in the (extensive) cash-shop is solely cosmetic and re-usable across characters, leagues and beyond. It's an example that I wish more free-to-play developers would follow.

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