Ways to solution the 60 seconds delayed Poe Currency trade API information

Ways to solution the 60 seconds delayed Poe Currency trade API information

As you're possibly aware, there is an API that returns the contents of public stash tabs. That is made so that trade websites like Poecurrencybuy.com, Poe.trade, poeapp.com and pathofexile.com/trade have access to a preset list of Poe Currency. The API has traditionally been obtainable to everybody.

Since it can take a couple of seconds for any trade internet site to parse the items received in the API, there's a modest delay from if you save a public stash tab and when the item appears on the trade web page. This varies from website to website.

Some customers have written tools that consume the trading API, mainly looking for specific items. Just because most items are discarded and are usually not getting added to a trade web page, this method allows them to find out about newly listed items a couple of seconds ahead of your rest with the public, enabling them to make contact with the individual using the item initially. In the arms race of needing the best trading tools to compete, this implies that people with these "sniping" tools possess a significant benefit.

Lately, we've received a lot of requests to "whitelist" the trading API, which signifies granting permission to a distinct set of websites that happen to be allowed to consume it. This would instantly disable all the sniping tools. However, it would also make it challenging for people to create new trade internet sites (as they wouldn't have data to work with) and all sorts of cool analysis projects (like machine studying for item pricing) will be killed.

Our remedy should be to delay the item data by 60 seconds for everybody except certain whitelisted public websites. Developers carrying out study projects or receiving started on trade sites can use the delayed information, and existing open trade web pages get quick access. We believe that this solution solves the sniping problem devoid of unnecessarily harming tools developers. If you're a developer of a public community tool, who would prefer to unlock the undelayed information, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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