Research Flat Earth Group Announces the Launch of Flat Earth Manifesto

Amboy, California – Research Flat Earth is excited to announce the launch of The Flat Earth Activist, a manifesto and guide that announces the real aims of the Flat Earth movement. The official release date is December 4th, 2017, the day of "Mad" Mike's Rocket Launch!

Tim Ozman believes The Flat Earth Activist will explain the goals of the Research Flat Earth Group are and what Flat Earthers really expect to accomplish.

The Flat Earth Activist is being released to coincide with the Research Flat Earth Group's most ambitious stunt to date: the launch of a Flat Earth space program, with the objective of falsifying NASA's own space program.

Tim Ozman is the organizer for the Research Flat Earth Group and sponsor of "Mad"Mike's record setting rocket launch. He can be reached via the contact form at or by email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Information:

Research Flat Earth Group
Tim Ozman, 505-359-0535 

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