KA EduAssociates Pvt. Ltd. Offering Progressive Professional Development Courses for Teachers

KA EduAssociates Pvt. Ltd. Offering Progressive Professional Development Courses for Teachers

KA EduAssociates Pvt. Ltd, an educational management solutions provider, is delivering a variety of online courses aimed at the effective professional development of teachers.

KA EduAssociates is a Mumbai-based educational management services firm, co-founded by two award-winning educators, Gitika Kishanchandani and Fatima Agarkar. With a rich think tank of professionals, experienced across national and international curricula, the educational management solutions provider offers a wide range of recruitment and consulting solutions for school managements that have been looking to start up or scale up. KA EduAssociates additionally organises several types of customised workshops for schools and delivers progressive professional development courses for teachers. These courses are conducted online, as well as face to face.

During a personal interview, one of the senior managers at KA EduAssociates commented , “We aspire to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes that can transform the teaching-learning process across schools and organizations, as well as significantly enhance the quality of education. We work towards integrating the theoretical knowledge with practical implementation by incorporating the latest trends in global education. At KA EduAssociates, we host student and parenting workshops to orient all stakeholders to the progressive strategies and tools available in an ever-evolving educational space.”

KA EduAssociates has an online newsletter called We Connect, which is a platform for educators across India to come together and share their experiences, as well as to stay updated on the latest education-related trends. These educational management solutions provider has years of experience, specialised across national and international curricula – state boards, national curricula – CBSE/ICSE and international programs – CIE, IBO, Steiner, Alberta and more. This helps the education management solutions provider to orient only the best practices through its practical and individualized service offerings across the nation.

The senior manager further asserted, “We have a team of experts oriented towards service innovation and research. We hold high experience across Early Years (Pre-primary), Primary Years (Grades 1-5), and Middle and Secondary Years (Grades 6-12).Within these years, we also have specialized domains of special needs programs and sports management framework and strategies. We not only offer face-to-face courses for these years but also provide online courses. While we have trained and expert instructors for all programs, we also have strong partnerships with various enterprises to support our plethora of services.”

While KA EduAssociates offers face-to-face and online teacher training courses at different levels, it also helps teachers to join online courses for teachers professional development. There are certificate courses at levels of primary years, early learning, and secondary years. Fresh teaching aspirants and currently employed teachers looking for growth and furthering their knowledge and skills can take up these teacher training courses. The course duration may differ depending  on the course selected. By joining  these courses, teachers develop knowledge, teaching competencies and performance skills and strategies to cater to the needs of a new generation of learners.

About KA EduAssociates:
KA EduAssociates offers highly interactive teacher training courses and organisational solutions towards educational management. From early childhood learning to primary and secondary years, the educational management solutions provider offers courses to train teachers at all levels of education. KA EduAssociates has reputed industry partners that range from US-based Edfinity and Univariety to Star Dance and Fitness Academy (SDFA). In addition, the educational management solutions provider has courses accredited by Euro-American Joint Accreditation Services (EA-JAS) and Maharashtra Self-employment Training Board (MSTB).

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