October 2017- Knowledge Aid Foundation, an organization that is renowned for funding the education of students from families that are affected by war and those who have found themselves in refugee status humbly pledge they will be allocating $3 million dollars towards scholarships aimed at continuing the funding of the education of the first generation refugee students globally.

“The goal is live up to our promised commitment,” says Stacy McKinle, the current Executive Director of Knowledge Aid Foundation. “This announcement is our launch forward, we have made great strides in the previous years and with this announcement we know we will be able to meet our intended goal of supporting a total of 200 refugees by the year 2020.”

Knowledge Aid Foundation was kick-started in 2010 by then 18-year-old student Awet Woldegebriel who is now a professional fundraiser in New York City. The foundation has a clear goal of supporting 200 refugees with college costs. This will be a great way to wrap up nearly 10 years of creating and fostering real and sustainable change in communities.

“I started the foundation with the intention of supporting 200 refugees and furnishing libraries globally. The scholarship grants from Knowledge Aid, is going to help fund the education of hundreds of students” says Awet Woldegebriel, board member of Knowledge Aid.

Knowledge Aid prides itself on creating an organization which is not in a constant rush to get bigger but is rather focused on maintaining a lean and laser-focused operation in order to fulfill its goal. There are currently 80 recipients of the Hands Up Scholarship for Higher Education and the $3 million dollar grants to new recipients will enable the Foundation to surpass its goal of supporting 200 first generation refugee students globally by 2020.

“I was once a refugee and I’m a living testament to the ideal that education is one of the best weapons one can use to arm future leaders. Education was what freed me, it is the reason for my career success and I hope that our organization has allowed other refugees to feel the same amount of freedom”said Awet Woldegebriel, who received his bachelors at Oglethorpe University and is currently a graduate candidate of Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Services at New York University.

The scholarship grant will be allocated throughout the next three years as Knowledge Aid Foundation meets 20/20goal commitment which will usher in new position for the organization as an advocacy body that will volunteer its services to help comparable organizations who aim to create and implement real, permanent and long-lasting change within refugee communities. Knowledge Aid has facilitated sending more than 20,000 books to Africa and is on its way to fully support 200 refugee scholarships by 20/20.

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