KA EduAssociates is the ‘go to’ Source for Online Professional Development Programmes for Teachers

KA EduAssociates is the ‘go to’ Source for Online Professional Development Programmes for Teachers

KA EduAssociates, an educational management services company  with great credentials  in Mumbai, has evolved as a  ‘go to’ resource for customised and affordable online professional development certification programmes for teachers.

KA EduAssociates sets  the tone for a progressive education system with a portfolio of top quality educational management services. Short-term professional development courses for teachers on the job or aspiring teachers have been the signature offerings of this educational management services company. However, its credentials in delivering customized workshops for schools, parents and students cannot be understated . Curriculum development and consulting services further add to  the service portfolio of KA EduAssociates. Since quality, customisation and affordability are central to each of it, the services are finding takers aplenty.

Replying to a query related to KA EduAssociates, one of its executives recently stated, “KA EduAssociates is a name synonymous with top quality teacher professional development courses in Early Years, Primary Years and Secondary Years. Currently, forward -looking teachers in Mumbai and beyond can access over 72 such courses for the flexibility and reliability they  have. Our courses feature need -based customized modules and  are available in face-to-face and online mode alike. Our courses are backed by an extensive data bank of anecdotal evidence, which makes for a better learning experience.”

KA EduAssociates is powered by a vibrant think tank. Led by founders Gitika Kishanchandani and Fatima Agarkar, the think tank is well- versed in  national and international curricula, such as CBSE / ICSE, along with CIE, IBO, Steiner, and Alberta. This educational management services company is also well served by a team of seasoned and reliable facilitators. They bring their experience to the fore to guide each participant of the course at every step of the way. Even if the participant has missed a few modules, the facilitator will guide him/her during the orientation for the same.

Offering insight into online professional development courses for teachers on offer, the executive further stated, “Attribute it to their busy schedule or sheer lack of time, teachers often find it hard to upgrade their skills and stay on the top of global trends. Here our online professional development courses come to the picture. We roll out a range of comprehensive, bespoke and time- efficient programmes to allow teachers learn new strategies and implement them in the classroom immediately. We conduct these courses after work hours, making pursuing them convenient for teachers with hectic schedules.”

KA EduAssociates’ online professional development courses are a diversified portfolio. The teacher can participate in Certificate in Primary Years (Course A) and (Course B) Certificate in Early Learning Years (Course A) and (Course B) and Certificate Course in Secondary Years (Course A) and (Course B), as per his/her requirements. Thanks to this educational management services company’s multidimensional approach, participants can access a blend of theory, practice and delivery. Additionally, with each online teacher certification programme in Mumbai, participants receive a certificate of completion from KA EduAssociates.

About KA EduAssociates:
Based in Mumbai, KA EduAssociates is an educational management services company with an inspiring record of accomplishment. A foundation of Gitika Kishanchandani and Fatima Agarkar, the educational management services company brings to the table about 72 professional development courses for teachers, in addition to customized workshops for schools, and recruitment and consulting services for school managements. Of late, KA EduAssociates has emerged as the ‘go to’ resource for teachers wanting to find teacher training courses in Mumbai or those looking for primary teacher training course in Mumbai.

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