NFC Academy Provides a Christian Home Schooling Curriculum

NFC Academy Provides a Christian Home Schooling Curriculum

Situated in Tallahassee, Florida, NFC Academy offers a Christian homeschooling accredited school program to students based on their schedules at the comfort of their homes. Their online biblical based curriculum is available for grades starting in 3rd grade until graduation from high school.  There is also a print-based program option for Kindergarten-5th grade. For efficient day to day operation and to give their students value, NFC Academy has essential student resources and experienced teachers for the online program, but at the parent’s choice they may be the teacher in the online program from 3rd grade to 8th grade, or have our Academy teachers in those grades as well as 8th-12th grade.  The print program K-5th grade the home parent is the primary teacher with an experienced Academy Resource teacher available during the year for your questions.

Speaking at a webinar for NFC parents, the School Director said, “NFC’s K-5 print program is entirely based upon books which we deliver to your homes.  Students at this grade level will complete their work in the books as part of the program of study. The online grade 3-12 program is web-based, and students will complete all of their work online including their virtual labs as well use our math video helps as needed which are online. Work can be completed off the web like studying and concluding writing assignment. The academic program is a college-preparatory curriculum and a regular student's day will look like the sum of time a student uses at a "typical" school working on their school work. There are features in the online program that allow the student to print a majority of the work-related to daily assignments if they desire to do work away from the laptop or PC.”

Those looking for the best online homeschool programs should consider NFC Academy. They offer an academic curriculum aimed at to providing an educational skill that encompasses motivation, achievement, scholarship, and engagement in learning carried out concurrence with the Biblical worldview. NFC Academy’s registration dates are open throughout the year, and students who have enrolled can start at any time. Further, the Academy has provisions for dedicated, personalized enrollment with their Admission’s Specialist who assist parents in creating their course schedule.

Speaking about credit transfer into NFC, the School Director said, “We are a fully accredited institution by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and the Middle States Commission on Secondary and Elementary Schools and allows credits from similar credited institutions at face value. Moreover, credits are permitted from schools endorsed by International Association of Christian Colleges and Schools or (IACCS) and Florida Association of Colleges and Schools or (FACCS), Association of Christian Schools International or ACSI). Credits are usually acknowledged usually from associations who have membership with the National Council for Private School Accreditation.”

Once a parent decides to enroll their child at NFC Academy, and they have completed their application process, and the Academy receives it, the next procedure is obtaining prior school records to the NFC. This process lasts about a week to two weeks, however in August and September it may take longer as these months typically witness an increase in the number of enrollments.

About NFC Academy
It is an Academy that provides a Christian homeschool curriculum online. Those who wish to enroll their students can do so by contacting them.

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