The Philosophy of the Unbound Creative Mind

What are we here for? Asks HG Nadel? Kant’s idealistic approach argued that the human mind creates the whole human experience. The reason, he said is the source of morality. It is the capacity for consciously making sense of things. Of actually everything, says HG Nadel. The human mind makes choices, HG Nadel says. The result may materialize itself into the subject’s life.

Ascetics are subjective. But think of beautiful things all the time, says HG Nadel and you will be surrounded by them always. But HG Nadel asks, is space the three-dimensional extension, conceptualizing objects and event within the relation they have to each other, and restricted to the such boundless universe, or, says HG Nadel, as modern scientists accurately describe time is a four-dimensional continuum, called space-time.  Space and time says HG Nadel are separate but part of the same continuum. But what if our reality was really subjective. HG Nadel offers the possibility that women and men could really be evolving within their chosen reality if able to master such extension of the mind. Could we materialize anywhere, any time? Breaking the fabric of time at will, we would transcend the limitations of time, space and even separate each from their same continuum process. HG Nadel feels that if time travel is bound to our ability to think about it with enough belief that it’s possible, we would wake up with the dinosaurs and turn in on a planetary base from the far future.

But is the mind that powerful, asks HG Nadel? The answer is no, she says. HG Nadel feels that the mind is incapable of creating a reality that goes beyond the scope of our current ability to imagine and believe at the same time. We are the product of whom we believe we can be, yes, says HG Nadel. But the level of imagination inherent to combining the mind’s creation with the ability to believe it can be done, is lacking. Otherwise we’d all be billionaire models, says HG Nadel.

So in conclusion, the ability to make sense of things is the very reason why we can’t materialize any fantasy we want, says HG Nadel. Even if we really, really want it. So much for rainbow unicorns glancing at you lovingly in the garden of heaven you occupy six months out of the year, while the remaining six months, you ski on the milky way, says HG Nadel. But life can still be extremely good.

HG Nadel
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