Nach Academy: Helping Millennials Sharpen Their Soft Skills

Nach Academy: Helping Millennials Sharpen Their Soft Skills

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Nach Academy: Helping Millennials Sharpen Their Soft Skills

Boca Raton, FL – Nach Academy, a leading developmental school for kids and teens offering courses for innovative learning and skill equipping, is helping millennials sharpen their soft skills through their extensive classroom and online courses. Their courses which touch on topics such as time management, conflict resolution, communication skills, and using down to earth attention management strategies, have helped boost innovativeness in their students.

“Most millennials graduate from college with impressive hard skills under their belts, but most universities and colleges fail to equip these brilliant minds with the necessary soft skills,” said Dr. Nach, President of the Nach Academy for Innovative Learning. “Where hard and technical skills are the driving force in the corporate world today, soft skills are still part and parcel of the working environment. Learning is so centered in equipping millennials with technical skills in fields like telemarketing, medicine, and biomedical engineering that they fall short in focusing on the human attributes. People skills, communication skills, social & emotional intelligence, as well as character traits, are the soft skills that enable people of all levels of education and all manners of professions to effectively interact with the work community and create healthy workplace relationships. We at Nach Academy are proud to offer courses that will innovatively help the young millennials sharpen their soft skills and achieve their goals.”

As Dr. Nach explains, soft skills are the core drivers of people relationships in every professional field. Most learning institutions focus more on equipping millennials with the professional and technical skills and knowledge. Upon joining the profession under employment, the millennials are ‘left out’ on opportunities to advance their career positions due to unpolished people skills. Most millennials join their respective careers with the hope and dream of scoring leadership positions and positions of responsibility. Reality however checks them when they fall short on their soft skills.

This move by Nach Academy to help millennials sharpen their soft skills through classroom & online courses will see them tap into a void that needs lots of attention. Hopefully other educational centers will take the cue and replicate the same in their institutions, much to the benefit of the children who are the leaders of tomorrow.

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