Get 43% Discount on NimNik’s Wooden Toy Cars

Get 43% Discount on NimNik’s Wooden Toy Cars Get 43% Discount on NimNik’s Wooden Toy Cars Get 43% Discount on NimNik’s Wooden Toy Cars

NimNik Enterprise places back their wooden toy cars in stock at Amazon UK. This wooden toy car set is offered with a 43% sale price or a sum of £13.02 savings. Another 20% promo is on top of this large discount price if buyers will use a code upon checking out. 

The company that manufactures baby care items in the Amazon market now brought back another educational toy item to the Amazon UK. One of their top selling wooden toy item the wooden toy cars is now set to be available for only £16.97 with free shipping around the UK for a total check out of £20. The toy car set is composed of a train engine, London black cab, London double decker bus, police car, ambulance, and a red car. All are in bright colors that correspond to the actual cars people can find on streets. These cars portray and teach kids the purposes of the different automobiles. They can be played by kids from three years old and up.  Younger kids can play the toy cars but with an adult supervision.

NimNik’s wooden toy cars are made with high-quality wood and are painted with a 100% safe material for kids exposure. The online store company made it clear that they have tested the item before releasing it to the public making sure the products are guaranteed safe, according to the company representative. Right now, the restocking of the item made it possible for NimNik to reach out to more clients with the large promo offer. As mentioned, clients can avail another 20% of the 43% discount by using the code: NIMNIK20. This code will be used as the client checks out the item purchased. 

To avail this limited time offer, visit NimNik’s Amazon store, Instagram page, and Shopify website

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