Is a College Degree Well Worth the Time, Cost and Effort?

New Jersey - The vast majority of today's young adults -- be they African American, Hispanic or Latino, Asian American or white – are very confused with what to do after high school. The Financial pressures force many students to compromise on college choice. But, many strongly believe in the value of higher education. Some of the young adults talk about how their parents inspired the goal of going to college and others had a teacher in high school who took a strong personal interest in them and encouraged them to go on to college.

Casey Bell, Author of “To College Or Not To College” has raised a series of questions whether going to college, working for living or even running for public office. In his very candid tone, he shares his thoughts on the trade-offs many young adults face, especially those who may be financial stressed. He further addresses the different saving option plans for parents to consider when saving for college. 

Casey helps us to realize how money plays a huge factor in deciding where -- or whether -- to go to college. Having grown up with a single parent, his mom paid for him to go to college. Casey understands half of young people who don't continue their education after high school due to a lack of money. 

According to a study that was funded by The College Board, studies show that while money is not a factor in college selection for most young white Americans (60%), it is for most young African Americans and Hispanics. Six in 10 of both groups say that they would have attended a different college if money was not an issue. About half (51%) of young Asian Americans say this as well. According to the College Board, going to college costs between three and four times as much as it did 20 years ago.

Casey challenges our thought process for young people making the decision on whether or not to go to college. Hence, when we look at successful college-dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs, young adults become very confused and reluctant to having a degree.

Lastly, Mr. Bell has taken the liberty of identifying a list of scholarships and grants available for those who are looking for a free ride to college.

About Author – Casey Bell, a reviving and refreshing voice who holds no punches is on mission to inspire young adults to make better choices when it comes to their future.

He was born in New Brunswick, raised in Old Bridge, and currently resides in Little Egg Harbor, NJ. He is a author, teacher, and comedian by nature has always given his readers food for thought through his writings. He has published fourteen other books which makes for a great read and a nice gift. For more information visit or email the author at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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