Travel Safe Clinic Outlines the Importance Of Vaccination For Indians Who Want To Study Abroad

June, 2017 - The number of Indian students going abroad to study is growing at a faster pace than ever before. With the exception of the United Kingdom, student numbers from India to the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Germany grew faster than overall overseas student numbers to these destinations, according to the latest report by MM Advisory Services in New Delhi. 

There is a serious need for each student in Indian asking the question of “best university to study abroad as an Indian” to know that the most important thing is for them to study, and study safe. Every students leaving the shores of Indian to study exposes himself or herself to an array of some disturbing health issues.

With Hepatitis A growing by over 1 million each year, the presence of Dengue fever, Malaria and other diseases, it is imperative to be properly vaccinated before heading out to study abroad from India.

Many foreign universities require a list of vaccinations like Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (MCV4 Menactra), Hepatitis B, MMR, TdaP (Tetanus), Chicken Pox, Influenza Vaccination etc. and also tests for TB like PPD (Mantoux Test) and Quantiferon Gold TB tests. Sometimes blood tests for immunity against certain illnesses like Hepatitis B, MMR, and even Chicken Pox maybe needed. TravelSafe Clinics provides all this & more under one roof, at various locations in Chandigarh, Delhi & Mumbai.

India’s first certified, branded and authoritative multi-city travel health clinic has been at the fore-front properly vaccinating international students from India. The company is the best choice for medical testing and vaccination for studying abroad from India

The health clinic has the facilities and man power to conduct proper vaccination of acceptable standards in U.S.A, U.K, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and other top educational countries for Indians. TravelSafe Clinic provides up-to-date advice to make international travel safe and healthy while avoiding common preventable diseases.

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