Gabriel's Seeds Launches With Software For Making Fully Personalized & Engaging Learning Apps For Children (K-3)

Gabriel's Seeds Launches With Software For Making Fully Personalized & Engaging Learning Apps For Children (K-3)

World Wide Web – June 14, 2017 Gabriel’s Seeds is an important new teaching app for kids and educators Kindergarten through third grade. The innovative learning tool and approach has strong merits and value targeting teachers in elementary schools (1-3 grades), preschool teachers and kindergarten educators.

Gabriel’s Seeds is different than other children’s apps for both students and teachers who like to save time in preparing educational material, while raising learning efficiency. The games within the app grab student’s interests and supply a natural way of personalized education.

Gabriel’s Seeds is best for targeting children’s interests. For example, the personalized software can use pictures of toys children currently love, and videos (loved ones) and input them into learning lessons such as math, learning, writing, logic, perception, brain teasers and more. Kids learn earnestly through what they love. The Gabriel’s Seeds website, also resources new videos related to children's talents for an increased raise of interest. Watch the introduction video here:

Lana Kihas is an educator who has used the application. She states: "The application is very simple, educational, useful and fun. It is so rich that I cannot even explain everything here and now. Talking with colleagues in the profession, we definitely recommend this application to all parents who want their child to spend quality time at the computer or tablet."

Children love the pictures and are able to master learning adaptations quickly. Simple steps make it fun for users who select layouts first, then images, next motivators and then save, share, play and grow.

The teaching and learning educational app is new technology that educators are discovering as important teacher app tools. Many agree that in today’s educational landscape for children there is much focus on measuring success on grades and numbers, but very little measurement of children's happiness and of enjoyment of learning. Gabriel’s Seeds is an answer to this dilemma.

Gabriel’s Seeds is a web application, which can work on iPhones and Androids and on all devices through web browsers. The product is freemium, which means that the basic product is free and additional features (extras) are paid. Find it in the Google Play Store and at iTunes.

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