New Book Line helps parents save by providing a free ACT or SAT class with the purchase of the book set

May 15, 2017: TC Tech is no stranger to tutoring or helping students prepare for the ACT or SAT- the company has worked with hundreds of schools nationwide through state funded tutorial programs from 2011. With consistent results of improving test scores, the company maintains a high quality standard of  high quality material, instruction and strong research on strategies that work.

Preparing for the ACT or SAT can literally cost families thousands.  Good test scores are starting to go to the students who can afford them, which is a point that TC Tech wants to change. Students typically pay $30 and $40/hour to be in a class when the cost to the company is the same-one shared teacher. 

“We wanted to find a way to help families save money on the high cost of preparing for the ACT or SAT.  There is no reason why the prices for an ACT or SAT class have to cost $1000 plus per student.  The cost to the company is the same- one teacher.  We wanted to make a difference with a dramatic cost change without changing the quality which starts with our Instructors.”-Andrea Smith, CEO.   TC Tech Prep Instructors score in the 95th percentile, and have at least 5 years of experience raising student test scores. By taking such a stance against raising test preparation costs the company is attracting top teachers who care about assisting students without high cost barriers that keep middle and lower income families from getting the assistance they need. The company still offers individualized tutoring options and extended classes for additional fees. But their standard prep courses that match the hours and Instructional qualifications of Kaplan and Princeton Review who charge $699  and more for the same course- will remain free.

When a TC Tech ACT or SAT book set is purchased- students get a registration code for a 5 week in person or online class.  The company stands behind its quality. If the class does not raise the student’s points they are refunded the only thing that cost them- their material.

The TC Tech Prep book series also includes other test preparation books for the GRE, and more  that also come with a free class.

Book sets can be purchased at  to register for a free class. 



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