Ivanka Siolkowsky, the KonMari Trained Organizer Has Come Up With Decluttering Program for Children

Toronto, Canada (May 07, 2017) - Ivanka Siolkowsky has been a name to reckon with as a former elementary school teacher. With bankable skills in photography and visual arts, she started her own venture, The Tidy Moose. The active force of strong inspiration behind “The Tidy Moose’ has been Kondo’s bestselling book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!”

The cap in the feather of Ivanka Siolkowsky has been the honor of completing the first ever KonMari Consultant Training program in NYC. Ivanka, the Konmari trained professional organizer is now on a mission to help out parents and teachers alike by offering essential tips, tricks and techniques on organizational needs that would make the little ones less prone to misplacing things. She is now practicing the Konmari Method all around the Greater Toronto area. She also provides seminars in the USA and the around globe. She has penned down her own program specifically dedicated to children, unrelated to the KonMari Method.

The ample benefits of this program for children would be cutting down on stress levels, bouts of anxiety, and making room for children to learn effectively when they get into this habit of decluttering their minds in homes and classrooms. If parents and teachers want to see children real happy, with the munchkins sleeping real tight at night, this program is the best one lowering the stress levels.

About Ivanka Siolkowsky’s “The Tidy Moose”
Ivanka is proving instrumental in changing client's homes and workplaces, enabling them to visibly live through the "Spark Joy" movement.  The Tidy Moose’s mission is to help raise a better, organized, prim and proper generation in classrooms and at homes, enabling parents and teachers to de-stress.

To know more about booking, please visit https://www.tidymoose.com/


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