Institute Expands Programs Serving Catholic Educators

Institute Expands Programs Serving Catholic Educators

Ventura, California — In response to surging interest in classical liberal arts education among Catholic educators, the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education (ICLE) has significantly increased its program offerings for 2017. These programs include a national conference, a regional conference, an academic retreat and a training program.

The Institute’s fifth annual National Catholic Classical Schools Conference (July 24-27, 2017) — hosted this year by the Regina Academies in Philadelphia — features “an excellent line-up of plenary speakers,” says Executive Director Andrew Seeley.  Speakers include Andrew Pudewa of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, Dr. Michael Hanby of the Pope John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family, and perennial favorite Dr. Brian Phillips of The Circe Institute.

In addition to the national conference, ICLE has partnered with Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical Academy to offer ICLE’s first regional conference, in Denver (July 5-7, 2017).  Featured speakers will include Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, NE; Elisabeth Sullivan, ICLE associate director; Jared Staudt of the Augustine Institute; and Rosemary Anderson of Our Lady of Lourdes.

“We recognize that the success of classical education depends upon motivated and well-formed teachers,” explains Dr. Seeley. “That’s why the Institute also will offer two continuing education programs in June 2017—a training program and an academic retreat.”

Aquinas College in Nashville will host “The Spirit and Craft of Teaching in the Catholic Liberal Arts Tradition,” a training program designed to help experienced teachers who are new to the liberal arts and  liberal arts graduates who are new to teaching.

“At our training program, teachers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty, goodness, and truth of the classical liberal arts, while working to sharpen their skills in the pedagogical methods and classroom management principles that are derived from it,” explains Mary Pat Donoghue, ICLE’s Director of School Services.  

Lastly, ICLE will offer its Academic Retreat for Teachers—slated for June 21-24, 2017, at Wethersfield Gardens, in Amenia, New York — “a favorite program among teachers,” Seeley notes.  

Designed for Catholic educators who seek to rekindle their passion for learning and immerse themselves in the foundational wisdom of Catholic education with colleagues from around the country, the academic retreat gives participants the opportunity to read, ponder and discuss great authors such as Plato, St. Thomas Aquinas, Newman, Dawson Sayers, Shakespeare, Euclid and Descartes.  Small group discussions led by master teachers will foster lifelong learning and new friendships.

“We will get to spend three days discussing Shakespeare and Scripture, Tolkien and Plato. What could be better? It’s a great introduction to—or reminder of—why learning in the Catholic intellectual tradition is so joyful,” says Donoghue.

“Schools such as St. Jerome Academy in Maryland, Sacred Heart Academy in Michigan, the Regina Academies in Philadelphia, and St. Mary’s High School in Arizona, are just a few schools that have already made successful transitions to classical education with outstanding results in student and parent engagement and increased enrollment,” explains Seeley. “Now districts and dioceses in Wisconsin, Florida, Colorado and Texas are requesting our services. Each week we receive new calls. I think we will see the number of Catholic classical schools doubling in the next five years.”

“Last year our national conference filled early and we sadly had to we had to turn teachers away. The new Regional Conference in Denver will allow us to foster growing interest in the western part of the country,” Seeley adds. “Prayer and fellowship are the air we breathe as we help one another grow in this excellent mode of Catholic teaching,”

The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education was founded to give Catholic educators a clear understanding of the riches of authentic Catholic education, and to help them implement the Church’s vision in their institutions. For conference registration and information, go to: Seats are limited. Resulting inspiration and refreshed spirits is unlimited.

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