An Entrepreneur Finds a Sound Way to Make a Living While Helping Others

West Milford, NJ,  1st of May, 2017 - Jose Siandre is a philanthropist who is committed to helping others with special needs, specifically in the Autism Spectrum Disorder. According to the CDC’s latest report showing the rate of children identified with an autism spectrum disorder at 1 in 68 children nationally and 1 in 41 in his hometown of New Jersey, New Jersey rate marks an increase of 12% from the previous 1 in 45 statistics released two years ago. Jose was shocked, and he wanted to learn more to be able to help, especially with his son’s diagnosis at the age of 3. Today a portion of Jon’s income from cleaning and repairing blinds goes to charitable organizations and special projects that help families with an autistic child or adult.

On the company’s website –, he provides a list of resources that parents can tap utilize for their children. His company will also be raising money to help pay for autism awareness, medical expenses not covered by insurance, medicine, insurance premiums and other expenses that will be able to provide his son with a service dog. ‘‘The way this plan works is we’re a community working as a team,’’ says Jose ‘‘working together to help our children lead better lives, I call it people helping people. We can’t just let mothers, fathers, and children suffer, especially if we have the power to help, said Jose we need to help when we can. Life is all about people helping people - isn’t it? My ultimate goal is to raise $100,000 every year, to allow for more research and better-specialized program for these children.’’

Jose’s business includes blind cleaning & repair which involves taking down the blinds, taking them outside to the wash station where they are hung on a washboard, a special patented cleaning solution is applied and then it is rinsed with his patented rinse solution which also applies an anti-static solution to keep the blinds dust free and longer.

Siandre’s equipment is a mobile system, so he goes directly to the home or business to clean and repair their blinds, the cleaning equipment consists of a custom built 5 X 8 trailer with a built-in washboard. It also has a pressure washer, a 15-gallon motorized chemical tank, a 50-gallon rinse tank, hose reel & hoses, and he carries parts with him for repairing blinds.

Small businesses such as restaurants, doctors’ offices, hospitals, schools, banks, nursing homes & residential homes are Jose’s biggest customers. He cleans lots of restaurants like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steak House, Waffle House, O’ Charley’s, TGIF, and much more.

Jose has worked in several industries and has served in the military – US Navy &coast guard for over eight years, before starting his new business.  He had always wanted to go into business for himself, and after several months of researching, he discovered an opportunity for a blind cleaning & repair business. He requested additional information and decided that this was the business he wanted to get into. 

For more information about Blind Cleaning & Repair Solutions or you want to help a child or an adult with Autism, visit: or call 973-846-0911.


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