Indusgeeks Exhibits Effective Onboarding Gamification Solutions and Simulations for Sales Training

Indusgeeks Exhibits Effective Onboarding Gamification Solutions and Simulations for Sales Training

Indusgeeks offers gamification and game-based learning solutions that are LMS compatible, cost-efficient and built to run on both desktop and mobile platforms. Their solutions are future-ready and are portable to different VR and AR devices. Over the past eight years, they have been lucky to work with more than a thousand companies, defense agencies and government departments worldwide, in helping them transform their training material into more interactive, gamified, narrative-driven and immersive experiences. Their prowess in developing engaging training systems and delivery channels makes them the right agency to train any millennial workforce.

Their General Manager stated, “Indusgeeks offers immersive, highly interactive quality serious game development software. They do all game-based training and game-based learning solutions which are excellent training tools necessary to allow learners grasp content easily while providing them with a fail-safe environment. With our vast experience in the industry, we are committed to developing products that will lead to an increase in the levels of recall, retention, and efficiency among learners. You will no longer waste a lot of time in training. In a short while, your training goals would have been met.”

They can also make critical games to be social and collaborative through their multi-user award-winning platform known as Metamersive™. Organizations and educational institutions can come up with peer learning or instructor-led modules that are distributable to learners from all over the world in real-time. Indusgeeks has a record of developing serious games to address different training requirements in various industries for clients like Max Life Insurance, Infosys, Essa Oil and Gas, Cognizant Technologies and more.

The General Manager added, “At Indusgeeks, We offer simulations for sales training gamification. We love creating customized solutions that meet the needs of various agencies, organizations and state departments. Our corporate training solutions focus entirely on sales training skills and soft skills. We can create games for sales training and soft skills games with the use of the INIT platform that will help engage the learner and trigger sales upwards in the whole organization. Our platform is highly flexible, thus enabling your sales personnel to minimize downtime and give them the skills they require to be field-ready. Our solutions will take into consideration the unique tenets of your organization. We will do all within our means to ensure you achieve all the objectives we lay down as we begin a project. We offer simulations for sales training gamification.”

Indusgeeks' interactive, rich 3D induction and game-based gamification solutions help learners through their work environment and to better appreciate the subject matter. The product presents self-paced learning with greater retention. The product saves cost and improved productivity by reducing the time taken by new employees to learn the job. The induction training and onboarding games developed by Indusgeeks manifest as a perfect example of what gamification corporate training or game-based business training can bring on board. Clients can engage to get the most reliable onboarding gamification software.

About Indusgeeks

Indusgeeks is the world's leading game-based learning and training solutions provider. They use their expertise, experience, and skills to develop serious games necessary to satisfy game-based learning needs in the industry.

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