Introducing the Newest Version of the CLB Kids Book Series - Anyla and the CulangBiz Kids by Ty Bell

Introducing the Newest Version of the CLB Kids Book Series - Anyla and the CulangBiz Kids by Ty Bell

Meridian, MS – 27 March 2017 – The long awaited and much anticipated children’s book, Anyla and the CulangBiz Kids is finally here!  This latest installment, by creator Ty Bell introduces us to all the members of the CulangBiz Kids gang (CLB for short) and gives us the back story of how the group came together. 

The CLB Kids series is designed to educate young people about various cultures around the world while at the same time entertaining them.  The name CulangBiz is derived from the words – Culture, Language, and Business and in each book the main characters face situations that allow them to use their social skills and entrepreneurial spirit to tackle any and all obstacles placed in their path.

Anyla's friends hail from all over the world including places like London, Puerto Rico, Paris and even Japan!

In addition to the books, the CLB Kids also have a social media app which gives their fans even more access to their favorite characters! The entire CLB Kids brand encourages young people to become leaders while also becoming more understanding and accepting of people from all facets of life.

We can’t wait for you to meet Anyla, Benedict, Ming and all the other member of the CLB KIDS!!


About the Author

Ty Bell holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business but it was her internship at Walt Disney World that ignited her passion for entertaining and educating children of all ages. After leaving Walt Disney, Bell became a flight attendant and as she traveled the world she was amazed at all the different cultures and people she encountered during her journeys. Bell has used her knowledge of business and the experiences during her travels to create the CulangBiz Kids brand which was designed to expose children to a world that may have been unknown to them otherwise.

We hope that you enjoy the ride!!


If you would like more information about Anyla and the CuLangBiz Kids and the CLB Kids brand or to schedule an interview with Ty Bell, please call the author direct at 773-793-6711 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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