Indusgeeks Offering Efficient, Bespoke, and Cost Effective Sales Training Games Development Services

Indusgeeks Offering Efficient, Bespoke, and Cost Effective Sales Training Games Development Services

Indusgeeks revels in creating game based Elearning and gamification solutions that work well for the client and his individual situation. Calling San Jose, California as home, this gamification solution provider continues to serve a diversified clientele, including Fortune 1000 companies, defense organizations and governments worldwide, with purpose and precision for the past several years. To this end, Indusgeeks has painstakingly developed a team of professionals with vast industry experience and the desired technical skills. These go to guys for everything e-learning and gamification, take the pain to get familiar with clients demands, needs and budget, and offer solutions accordingly.

Replying to a query related to Indusgeeks’ core competencies, one of its executives recently stated “Indusgeeks is a thriving operation with a focus on efficiency. As such, we offer game based training, business simulations, and gamification solutions fitting all needs and budgets. Our solutions work well for all industry types and processes – be it leadership development, sales and soft skills training, safety and compliance, policy awareness or on boarding and induction. Our focus remains on creating cost efficient and LMS compatible solutions that operate seamlessly on PCs, Tablets and mobile devices.”

The IT sector is an evolving world where technology changes rapidly. With this in mind, Indusgeeks concentrates its efforts on creating future ready e-learning and gamification solutions. As well, the client is at liberty to port the solutions to different AR and VR devices, as per the need. For the previous 8 years, government agencies world over has been vouching for the gamification solutions provider to convert dreary training content into gamified, interactive, immersive and narrative driven experiences. The delivery frameworks on offer are diligent, making Indusgeeks the preferred training partner.

Offering insight into sales training games development services on offer, the executive further stated, “Indusgeeks is worth its salt when it comes to providing sales training games development services. We put to use our industry experience and technical prowess to design and deliver rich, immersive, and highly interactive game based corporate training solutions. Besides complying with the client’s specifications, our sales training games aim at development of soft skills and sales training skills. The offerings make the most of our INIT platform to keep the learner engaged and drive up sales, across the enterprise.”

Indusgeeks has a versatile platform at its disposal, which allows for the creation of highly customizable game based sales training and gamification solutions. The client’s mobile sales workforce can ‘skill up’ while on the go. This translates into lower lead times required for the workforce to be field ready. Moreover, e-learning gamification company’s sales training games are industry specific, along with skill and user demographic specific. Not surprisingly, Indusgeeks has emerged as the leading provider of customized games for sales training to a global clientele.

About Indusgeeks:

With the base of operations in San Jose, California, Indusgeeks is a multi-award winning company specializing in top of the line game based training and gamification solutions for all industry types and processes. It has the rare ability to deliver bespoke solutions while optimizing costs. Of late, Indusgeeks has attracted the attention of the seekers of the leadership training games and e-learning.

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