New TEDx Talks Video Offers Inspiration for those Reeling from Setbacks

New TEDx Talks Video Offers Inspiration for those Reeling from Setbacks

WASHINGTON, DC (January 23, 2017) - Motivational speaker and Author, Dr. Robert Louis Shepard, is providing a ray of hope to individuals reeling from setbacks with his latest YouTube video entitled 'What Made the Difference'.                   

Shepard delivered the speech at the TEDx Howard University 2016 event themed 'Recovery'. The event was held on September 15 in the Armor J. Blackburn University Center Ballroom and attracted a large audience.                  

In the 18 minute video, Dr. Shepard recounts the recoveries he had to experience in his journey toward fulfilling his destiny. He starts by crediting the advice he received from his parents as the foundation for his success - adding that it was their advice that has served him well even until now. He provides glimpses of his early years and career path and concludes by citing the three main things that made the difference in his life.                   

In 1973, Dr. Shepard landed a job as a Research Chemist with the Celanese Fibers Company after earning his M.S and PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry at Howard University. He was the first Black PhD scientist to work within the organization but the role wasn't without its struggles. Like many Black Americans in the 1950s & 60s, he encountered a lot of social and economical disadvantages. However, he did not allow the obstacles to distract him and kept fully focused on his work and doing his best.                 

In his speech, Dr. Shepard said: "I view recovery as a continuum. All I'm doing is adding to a rich legacy that has already been established."                

The 'What Made the Difference' video is filled with powerful insights that will inspire anyone looking to be successful in their way back to recovery. To watch the YouTube video, visit: For further information about Dr. Shepard, visit: http://

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