Domestic Violence & Ways to Help an Abuse Victim

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Domestic violence raises its ugly head in many different ways; ways that leave invisible scars. According to, the author Steve Wilson, made dealing with domestic violence as a practice. The Steve Wilson has extensive experience in writing article books and so on likewise this area of law and if a person is the victim of domestic abuse, he would stand them in good stead for a resolution to the situation. 

Domestic violence has been with us for thousands of years; it’s just that it’s not shoved away in the closet like it was at one time. Despite the more open approach to recognizing violence, many of those who live with it on a daily basis feel they are alone. The reality is that they are “not” alone. 

In most instances, domestic violence is defined as actions against a family or a person in the categories of simple assault, stalking, homicide, trespassing, sexual assault, kidnapping and child abduction. Unfortunately another insidious form of violence, often ignored or overlooked largely because it is difficult to prove, is mental abuse. 

Domestic violence cases aren’t easy to defend, as they largely depend on the precise charge that is ultimately filed. There are ways to help one who is a victim to such violence. 

Before approaching the victim, find out all of the options that are available for help. Make a list with addresses, phone numbers and contact names. Question the victim about the situation-in a gentle manner.
Since the victim may not feel comfortable about revealing his/her situation because of fear of her partner, or embarrassment and humiliation, approach her in a gentle and sensitive manner. Tell her of your concern and that you've noticed certain things and are worried about her. Her fear, embarrassment or humiliation may be such that she is unwilling to talk. Don't give up. Wait for her signal that she is ready; however keep an eye on her for any signs of escalation of the violence.
Listen, don't judge and give moral support. If the victim is willing to talk, the most important thing that you can do is to listen. Listen and don't judge.
Give him/her facts and statistics that have been published by professionals in the area of domestic violence so that she can make an informed decision as to what her next step should be.
Help her develop a safety plan (a plan of escape) Help her to develop a plan to use for her and her children if an emergency situation arises, include:


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