Students Seek 'Sugar Daddies' to Pay Tuition

More students sign up as so-called 'sugar baby' for seeking their sugar daddies to pay for college.

According to which helps 'sugar babies' to find benefactors for their debt and help wealthy people match beautiful singles, seek mutual benefit arrangements,  with $1.3 trillion in U.S. student debt, more of them are turning into sugar babies to pay for school, they can provide companionship for these sugar daddies (and there are sugar mamas) then get lucrative allowance in return.

Before judging whether this social phenomenon is good or bad for Education, I think we should pay more attention on the reason why this happened. "Sugar dating" is complex, we don't know why collage students signing up, and for what, 

The average cost of tuition at public four-year institutions rose by 9 percent between 2011-17 and there are an estimated 16 million college students in the U.S. who carry an average debt of $37,172. Sixty percent of college graduate are burdened by student debt. It reminds me of Jack Ma's speech on the World Economic Forum in Davos. When he shared his own thoughts on America's economic woes he think the US wasted all the money it made on globalization in fighting costly wars. “What if they had spent part of that money on building up their infrastructure, helping white-collar and blue-collar workers? You’re supposed to spend money on your own people," Jack Ma said. And what if they had spent part of that money on education? Reduce the part of tuition debt wouldn't be out of the question, moreover, tuition and fee has been increased year after year instead of decreasing, and increasing speed is beyond that of the public average income. 

Combine with the above views and figures, and I'll tell you that the average sugar baby earns an average monthly allowance of $2,400. What are you going to do if it comes to you? Don't you wanna take matters into your own hands? Or awaiting politicians’ strategy about what they might do to resolve the student debt crisis. If they distribute the money and things in a proper way like Jack Ma said, I guess 'sugar baby' and 'sugar daddy' issue will not getting worse at least in the field of school education.

And another issue is that, this kind of dating, does sugar baby & sugar daddy dating considered prostitution? Of course it relate to money and collage students are young people. But the lines are blurred, it's kind of a relationship instead of prostitute, every sugar babies and sugar daddies take this matter as a arrangement or date like other general dating sites out there. "If you sleep with someone your attracted to, you're surly not a hooker, though guy would give you money or other gift you like in return." "You know you like her and she smiles back to you, you won't treat her like a prostitute."

In short, the popularity of 'sugar daddy dating' comes from that students encourage each other to sign up. I can't say if it's totally right or totally wrong, I just hope those girls who currently seeking 'sugar daddies' can be aware that safety should always come first. We don't want to see any victims.

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