10 Books A Home Parents Unite to Host 10BH Graduation

10 Books A Home Parents Unite to Host 10BH Graduation 10 Books A Home Parents Unite to Host 10BH Graduation

Fourth cohort of Learners prepares to enter kindergarten

East Palo Alto, CA -- 10 Books A Home (10BH) is excited to announce that the parents of children who graduate from 10BH this year have organized their own graduation ceremony.

Thirty-nine Learners, their parents and siblings, and the volunteer Role Models who provided the direct service to the families will be celebrating the end of a 2 year journey in 10BH’s Child-Parent Home Tutoring Program. They will throw their caps and celebrate everyone’s readiness to start kindergarten in the 2016-17 school year.

Parents have been working hard organizing 10BH’s fourth Learner Graduation, which will include caps and gowns for the graduates, an official graduation ceremony, free tacos for everyone who attends, and lots of 5 years olds buzzing with excitement and pride. (See photos from last year’s graduation)

"While making phone calls to the graduating families my daughter, Milagros, would tell her little sister, Camilla, not to interrupt me because it was office time and mom needs to organize the 10 Books A Home graduation!" said Angelica Mendez, a 10BH parent and chair of the graduation committee.

Paul Thiebuat III, 10BH Founder and CEO, added “This graduation is a landmark in 10BH’s history. I’ve organized nearly 50 events since founding 10BH in 2009 and never have I seen 100% of a planning committee turn out at its meetings. The parents of our Learners are showing a level of commitment to their children’s education that I’ve dreamed of since the beginning. Our community is growing more committed by the year to ensuring their children are ready to succeed in kindergarten.”

Join Learners, parents, volunteer Role Models and friends on August 6 at 10:30am-2pm at Pinky, the 10BH headquarters to celebrate this year’s 39 graduates.

For inquires or more information contact Paul Thiebaut III at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About 10BH

10 Books A Home (10BH) is a nonprofit organization that offers a new early education solution to families in High Poverty Communities who are dissatisfied with the high rate of student failure in their community and who want to prevent their children from suffering the same fate. According to student report cards we collect, 100% of children to go through our free preschooler home tutoring program in the past two years have outperformed their student peers.

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