Equine Chiropractic Technique Seminar April 9th and 10th. Linden, Michigan

Horse Chiropractic Technique Seminar: April 9th and 10th--Linden, MI

Buffalo Grove, IL---Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C., the author of The Well Adjusted Horse, The Well Adjusted Dog, and The Well Adjusted Cat will be conducting a hands-on horse chiropractic technique clinic in Linden, MI--April 8th and 10th.  The clinic will be limited to 25 registrants.

Dr. Kamen, a licensed human chiropractor since 1981 and animal chiropractic pioneer, will cover about 36 different horse adjusting techniques and evaluations, plus the Pre-Race Adjusting Sequence which can shave fractions off the time.  All moves are done by hand.  The goal of the techniques is to improve joint function and performance.  

This is the only clinic scheduled for this year. 

Contact:  Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C. 1-800-742-8433

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