Parents Are Using Whiteboards to Help Children with Their Homework

Parents Are Using Whiteboards to Help Children with Their Homework

The Whiteboard Shop has seen a huge increase in the number of parents buying Whiteboards in the past 12 months. The online supplier of whiteboards has said the latest news that students in the UK receive more homework than most European countries does not surprise them. Over the past 12 months the whiteboard shop has received a huge number of phone calls from worried parents who wanted advice on the best whiteboard to buy to help their children cope with their homework.

The report by the OECD has found a huge gap in the amount of homework that is given out to children from different countries in Europe. The report has found that school children in the UK are overloaded with homework, where school children in countries such as Finland, Germany, Sweden and Austria, receive less homework.

Here are the countries/cities that offer the highest levels of homework:

1. Shanghai
2. Russia
3. Singapore
4. Kazakhstan
5. Italy
6. Ireland
7. Romania
8. Estonia
9. Lithuania
10. Poland ·

A spokesman from The Whiteboard Shop who recently announced a discount loyalty scheme for their customers said: "Over the past 12 months we have seen a huge increase in the number of parents buying whiteboards for the home. The parents have asked our advice on which are the best whiteboards to buy to help their children with their homework. A lot of parents feel their children are overloaded with homework and are looking for the best solutions to help them."

The whiteboard has become an important tool in schools, and now the whiteboard, which includes mobile whiteboards, and magnetic whiteboards, have become an important educational tool to help a child with their homework at home.

With whiteboards as low as £29 with free delivery, they have become an affordable educational accessory to help a child deal with the huge amounts of homework they are given. Due to the low prices, more parents are now using them as an educational tool in the home, helping their children excel in their education and help them deal with the increased pressures of homework.

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