Cassroom Size In The UK Should Be Smaller Says The Whiteboard Shop

The Whiteboard Shop that has become a main supplier for parents wishing to teach their children at home rather than send them to school, has said school classrooms need to be smaller for children to receive a great education.


Children in the UK are being let down by the large class sizes says The Whiteboard Shop who has become the main supplier of whiteboards to parents schooling their children at home. With the average class size containing 30 school children, which is bigger than most other developed countries, the online shop for Whiteboards feels children are being affected.


The Whiteboard Shop who has seen a huge increase in the number of parents buying whiteboards for home schooling, has said parents are being forced to teach their children at home to give them a better education. With news that some classes are now containing 35 children to one teacher, the online Whiteboard Shop feels children are missing out on their right to an excellent education while teachers are struggling to cope.


The online Whiteboard Shop who supplies parents with various types of whiteboards for home schooling, which includes mobile whiteboards and magnetic whiteboards, says more needs to be done to fix the education system.


A spokesman for The Whiteboard Shop Said: “In the UK more than 50,000 children are being taught at home instead of going to a traditional school. This shows the serious problem we have with the UK educational system and the huge classroom sizes we have. If the government fixed this problem and reduced the classroom size, then children would receive a better education.”



The whiteboard Shop that sells whiteboards from £29 said they have spoken to many parents who are teaching their children at home due to the large classroom size problem. According to a spokesman for the company, parents have become disillusioned with David Cameron and his promises to make schools better.


With more parents now teaching their children at home, and using whiteboards to give their children a better education, it seems the government are letting children and parents down. Reports have suggested that the number of children who will be taught at home will increase by 80% each year.


Five reasons why A Whiteboard is great for home schooling

1. A Lesson Objective Whiteboard allows the child to engage in the lesson.
2. The whiteboard allows the child to have fun while learning
3. Using a Lesson Objective Whiteboard will save on paper.
4. The Lesson Objective Whiteboard can be used to teach more than one child
5. No need to worry about maintenance or using electricity for the Whiteboard


The Whiteboard Shop who offer free delivery on all of their products, are available to give advice to parents on the best whiteboards to buy for home schooling.


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