Animink enhances its services by specializing in Responsive Web Design

Animink enhances its services by specializing in Responsive Web Design

Animink, the award-winning design company in Charlotte, North Carolina, is offering customers specialized responsive web design development.  In responsive web design, the site will be developed to cater to multiple devices, a range of resolutions, and even orientations (i.e. holding a device vertical or horizontal).

The impetus behind this move is the radical shift in which users are accessing the web. Sites were customarily viewed on desktops. But now they are being seen via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones from just about anywhere. Over 50% of website traffic is emerging from mobile devices, and this figure is very much on the rise as people get more comfortable going online on their mobiles which seems easy and fast in their hectic pace of living. A responsive web design company is, therefore, a blessing in today’s mobile environment. Visitors will convert to customers. Though the experience of a responsive site will vary on different devices, a consistent pattern will emerge across devices that will establish a company as a professional player in the online space.

A responsive web design service in Charlotte will lead to more inquiries, more business, create better impressions, and earn more revenue for customers. A site that does not cater to mobile traffic is losing out on a massive number of visitors. Visitors will leave after viewing a single page if they find the text on their mobile screens too small for comfort, or if the links of the page are too close to each other making navigation arduous as they click buttons with their fingers. If they are to fidget with the screen and move it from side to side to view all content, they will give up and leave. And if they are on a mobile device using a data connection and not wi-fi, the images would have to highly optimized ones the screen throws up quickly. Working with a responsive web design company will help organizations achieve the kind of progress they are looking for. An easy-to-access, responsive website welcoming to smartphone and computer tablet users is the only way forward.

About Animink

Animink offers website design services in Charlotte, North Carolina. We focus on providing exceptional online content and superior customer service. With customer satisfaction as our first priority, we offer clients creative brilliance combined with cutting-edge technology. The company adheres to a systematic approach and follows best practices to deliver competitive web design services in Charlotte. Our services are driven by a customer’ need for profitability, and so we explore unique avenues and technology to provide excellent websites. Learning is an intricate part of our culture, and this practice enables us to stay in tune with modern designs and creations which we incorporate into our web development solutions in Charlotte. We have worked with some very dynamic and demanding clients for whom excellence is a religion and an inseparable part of their organization.


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