Totle Portfolio Management Platform Helps Hasten the Transition to Crypto Assets

Birmingham, U.S. - Dec. 3, 2017 – David Bleznak, CEO of the innovative new crypto portfolio management platform Totle is working to accelerate the transition to crypto assets. Starting inTotle users can choose to invest in a range of different digital currencies. Then Totle connects to a wide range of exchanges to get you the best pricing on those crypto assets. A far better alternative than only being limited to the pricing on one singular exchange.

Totle administers the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) that’s similar to Bitcoin, but offers a comprehensive selection of additional crypto assets, enabling individuals to make the smartest investment decisions and customize their portfolios. Totle’s powerful yet easy to use tools will support multiple strategies for crypto investments.

To facilitate the process, the company announced its second round of sign-up to the portfolio creation for its tournament and cash giveaway. The platform is designed for investors who want to simplify and diversify their investments across multiple crypto assets. Participants have the opportunity to win up to $10,000 in prizes. Using fake money, you can simply “slide a bar” determining what percent of your total portfolio goes into any one crypto asset.

The first round of sign-up and portfolio creation has already been conducted. Signup for the second round begins at 12-midnight UTC on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017. The official competition commences at 12-midnight UTC on Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017. Round two is open to U.S., UK and Canadian citizens only.

Cryptocurrency is gaining in popularity worldwide, but utilizing it can be a difficult and frustrating process, particularly for those new to understanding the various value propositions of the blockchain companies behind these currencies. Totle enables investors to quickly build a portfolio and conduct the most economic trades we’ve seen in our experience. A complete educational series provides the knowledge individuals need for success.

The platform handles multiple wallets, exchanges and currencies all in one place to minimize investor risk. Totle provides a one-stop solution to help even the most novice of individuals simplify and diversify investments across multiple crypto assets by offering a complete portfolio management platform with user-friendly tools.

The opening round of sign-up and portfolio creation for Totle’s portfolio tournament provides novices and experienced traders with the opportunity to prove their business acumen and win $10,000 through the application of the new Totle platform. It provides an easier, more effective alternative to current exchanges and is working to accelerate the world’s transition to crypto assets.

About Totle

Totle is a powerful tool to support and enhance the execution of your long-term crypto investment strategy. Our vision is to make diversified crypto investing accessible and simple. Totle aims to create an effortless bridge between conventional fund management and the exciting world of crypto assets.

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