Collavate 4.0 Upgrade Released with New Customization Features

Approval Workflow Management with Connection Capabilities Now Better Than Ever

[San Jose, CA] Collavate 4.0 exceeded 2 million users worldwide.  This rapidly growing workflow management service now is used by over 9000 organizations and is soon releasing another upgrade with even more powerful features. This upgrade will offer more customization capabilities and other convenient improvements.

“We are thrilled to provide our users with the ultimate Collavate 4.0 experience,” stated Collavate, Inc. president and CEO, Justin SW Jung.  “We would like to thank our 2 million plus users for their encouragement and support.  In return, we are delighted to announce an upgrade to Collavate version 4.0 that we think our users are really going to love and appreciate.”

Collavate 4.0 was originally designed with the intent of simplifying collaborations. By releasing features that allowed users to take advantage of Collavate without a Gmail account, Collavate, Inc. gained an outpouring of users. Features such as workflow automation and social platform tools for enterprise were among the most popular tools.

Now, Collavate 4.0 is getting an upgrade in order to improve even more. The release of “connector” function will allow users to connect a workflow document with a report sheet database.  It is now possible for a specified spreadsheet cell to automatically record the value of the content of a separate workflow document.  The result of any changes within the document will show on the report so users can know if, due to the changes, the original work will be approved, rejected or cancelled.  To further streamline the workflow approval process, trends and results can be viewed at-a-glance.

The “Connector” function is particularly useful while generating expense reports and employee leave requests. While generating expense reports, administrators must analyze expenses on charge and purchase receipts. Likewise, with employee leave requests, administrators must organize remaining leave days according to each employee’s annual assigned allowance. These use cases give way to many of the new features available on the update.  

The Collavate 4.0 upgrade will provide for more capabilities for workflow databases.  A workflow document template with database connection capabilities will now be accessible as well as Google Sheets as Database Reports and sync functions to record data and approval records to the database as mentioned above.

Customization is now more possible with the upgrade.  Documents and spreadsheets can be personalized by generating formulas and graphs and by connecting cells with specific columns within spreadsheets.  In addition, content can be expanded then associated with other spreadsheet content.

Google Scripts can be further utilized to program the start and end dates of vacation registering on Google Calendar.  A special feature will allow for sending emails to a specific person on the first day of a month or of every month.  To find out more about the new features of the Collavate 4.0 upgrade, check their blog.


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