O&O DiskImage 12: Speedier file backup for faster security

O&O DiskImage 12: Speedier file backup for faster security O&O DiskImage 12: Speedier file backup for faster security O&O DiskImage 12: Speedier file backup for faster security

Data volume is increasing constantly and this applies to both the private and business sectors. As a result, backups needed for protecting data are frequently not made because the time needed for doing so is simply not available. Businesses also find that speed is an increasingly important factor when it comes to making data backups. The new O&O DiskImage 12 confronts these problems head on so that backing up files can be done much faster.

O&O DiskImage can be used to backup and restore an entire Windows system, individual partitions, and files while a computer’s running.

The time needed for making file backups depends on the volume of data involved. To reduce the amount of time it takes to make a file backup, O&O Software GmbH, founded 1997 in Berlin, Germany, releases O&O DiskImage 12, the latest version of its data backup program.

Native boot medium for Bare-Metal Restore

O&O DiskImage 12, while fully-integrated in the latest Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, also supports older Windows versions starting from Windows 7. The integrated BuildPE tool allows users to create bootable media for Windows’ systems so that original Windows drivers can be used. Additional OEM drivers can even be mounted onto these media whenever needed for unusual hardware.

Machine independent restore always available

The advantage of having a system image lies, above all, in being able to restore the working environment within a very short period of time, including all its programs, settings, and operating system. Restoring the image onto a new computer would normally not work on account of the different hardware. Thanks, however, to the integration of MIR (Machine Independent Restoration), it’s even possible to restore an image onto a computer where the image was not created.

There’s been further development on using command lines, especially for our corporate customers. Running from batches and thereby automating processes has been simplified for both the private and business sectors.

O&O DiskImage supports old and new Windows versions

O&O DiskImage 12 Professional Edition is natively compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10, and has been especially optimized for use on the lower memory capacity and processors found on older systems. The version 12 Server Edition will be released shortly for use on Windows Servers.

New and enhanced features

Creation of system images: When imaging a drive, the entire content of a selected disk or partition will be saved in an image file on a target disk. All the backed up data is thereby located in one single file which makes managing backups much easier. A complete imaging of a system hard disk will involve backing up the entire operating system as well as all programs and settings. The image file can be encrypted with a password whenever necessary.

Making file backups: File backups will involve saving files directly in the form of data. This kind of backup contains file information only and includes no information about the drive itself.

Cloning machines: Cloning will create a 1:1 copy (or clone) of the disk or partition(s) directly on the target disk. This feature provides an immediate copy of the hard disk structure including its partition sectors. A cloned disk contains all partitions of the source disk.

Image restoration: O&O DiskImage can be run from a bootable medium, without installation, and used to restore an entire PC or system partition. There’ll be no problem if any hardware components are exchanged, or even a new computer acquired, in the time between creation and restoration of any image: thanks to MIR, O&O DiskImage can restore existing images on computers with a different hardware configuration.

Restoration of file backups: O&O DiskImage image files can be mounted as virtual disks. Individual files can then be accessed, for example using the Windows Explorer, and then subsequently restored.

Mounting backups as virtual drives: Drives can be mounted from images and displayed as write-protected virtual drives in Windows Explorer. This gives users the option of copying individual files and folders onto physical disks.

Backup physical machines onto virtual ones (P2V): O&O DiskImage can convert images of Microsoft virtual hard disks (VHD) into O&O DiskImage image files and vice versa. These converted images can then be mounted directly as virtual drives in a virtual computer where O&O DiskImage is not installed.

Support of previous versions: Data backups made with earlier O&O DiskImage versions will, of course, continue to be used because the new version 12 is compatible with all previous versions.

Script interface: Control of all O&O DiskImage features with extensive script interfaces for integrating batches as well as a user’s own applications.

EFI/UEFI Systems: O&O DiskImage not only supports systems based on the classic BIOS, but the current EFI/UEFI systems as well.

Creation of a Windows boot system: With the current O&O DiskImage it is possible to create a boot medium on USB Stick or CD-R directly from within the program. This medium can then be used to restore an image onto a computer. O&O DiskImage 10 supports all current Windows versions from Windows Vista to Windows 7/8/8.1 as well as Windows 10.

One-Click imaging: With just one click, a user can start to image the entire computer. One-Click imaging is especially useful if O&O DiskImage is being used for the first time or when an existing computer image is not available.

Various imaging methods: For a complete image, users can choose between an image of used sectors and an all-inclusive forensic image for purposes of data recovery. An incremental or differential image will only backup those data areas that have changed since the last image operation, thus saving space.

Optimized memory usage: It’s possible to set the maximum number of images that can be saved before older images should be automatically overwritten.

Restoration onto different hardware: The integrated M.I.R. (machine independent restoration) feature allows users to restore a system onto different hardware. Not only can an image or clone be restored onto servers and desktops with identical hardware, they can also be restored onto machines where, for example, the motherboard or processor has been changed. After the image has been restored, the new hardware can be adapted and the system can once again be started. Technology from the renowned O&O BlueCon Administrator Pack is used for doing this.

Mounting data from ISO files: Standard ISO files (ISO 9660) can be mounted as data image files and as virtual hard disks.

Plug and Play functionality: Selected files and folders are automatically backed up and synchronized. With the new O&O DiskImage 12, it is possible to run several tasks at the same time.

Visualization of data: The graphical display of hard disks and drives – similar to the disk management in Microsoft Windows - allows for an intuitive selection of those volumes that are being backed up or restored. Both free and used memory and the size of each partition are displayed, which makes managing the data easier.

Variable DPI settings: O&O DiskImage adjusts perfectly to the selected DPI setting.

High Contrast Mode support: High Contrast Mode support has been improved to make objects on the monitor easier to recognize.

Pricing and availablity

O&O DiskImage Professional 12 including machine independent restoration (MIR) costs $49.95, and for use on up to 5 PCs O&O offers 5 licenses for $69.95. All prices include 19% VAT where applicable.

O&O DiskImage 12 Server Edition, optimized for use within companies, will be released shortly and will cost $299.00. Interested users can download a free 30-day trial version of O&O DiskImage 12 Professional Edition from the O&O website at https://www.oo-software.com/oodiskimage/.

The test version allows users to create and restore images/backups from their own computers for a period of up to 30 days. In this way, they can see for themselves the full extent of the product’s features and performance. Details about O&O Authorized Partners can be found at https://www.oo-software.com/en/order/reseller/.

About O&O Software

O&O develops solutions for corporate customers that not only support them in their daily activities, but also help substantially reduce their costs. Our products for system optimization, data imaging, data recovery, secure data deletion and company-wide administration are pioneers in the Windows technology sector. Together with our worldwide network of partners, we support corporations, companies, public authorities and private customers in over 140 countries, all from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

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