HighProxies.com Discloses the Simplest Tricks to Block Off Hackers from Your Computer

HighProxies.com Discloses the Simplest Tricks to Block Off Hackers from Your Computer

No one is safe online. Almost everything online can be invaded by hackers nowadays so do something now than regret later.

Though the internet usage is clearly a big breakthrough in the history of technology, no one is really safe online. Nothing is really impenetrable on the internet, especially if you know nothing about computers and its risks.

This is the main reason why HighProxies.com wants you to know that your security online is highly important. Thus, switching off your Flash and JavaScript software programs is one of the basic things that you should know. Flash and JavaScript are two handy software programs, but it was also discovered by some computer experts that they also used by cyber criminals to pass on malicious scripts to other users’ systems.

On the other hand, switching off both Flash and JavaScript software will also restrict you to do other internet activities. So, how would you be able to protect yourself from hackers without touching these handy software programs?

Buy Proxy Servers

A proxy server is one of the most overlooked options of most internet users since it is a term that you would only hear from computer geeks and businesses. If you buy proxy servers which are categorized into shared proxies and private proxies, your information or IP address when browsing is protected. Instead of revealing your true color to the computer geeks behind those websites that you visit, your proxy server will be sending a different IP address to cover you up.

Bonus points, this is also the best option to access information from the internet fast. If you buy proxy servers, you will not only enjoy an additional layer of security but also convenience.

Get Rid of “Crapware”

Have you ever heard this term before? According to The Windows Club, crapware programs have always been part of newly bought computers or laptops. This refers to the unnecessary programs that are part of your computer’s package. Installed crapware programs can be dangerous. For instance, Lenovo already proved this by including Superfish in their installed programs on new units. As a result, this program called Superfish allowed cyber criminals to kick off “Man in the Middle Attacks”.

You can remove crapware programs automatically by using another program, or you can remove it manually even if it takes more time. But then again, High Proxies confirms that removing unnecessary programs can actually increase the speed of your computer by 20 to 40%.

The last thing that you can do to prevent hackers from breaking into your system is by using the best internet browser. Your browser should warn you if you are about to open a reliable or malicious website.

If you opt for removing crapware programs, ask the professionals first before deleting anything. But if you opt to buy proxy servers, just go to HighProxies.com and to know everything you need about servers and VPNs.

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