SimplyNAS All Flash NAS Solutions now shipping

SimplyNAS All Flash NAS Solutions now shippingSimplyNAS All Flash NAS Solutions now shipping SimplyNAS All Flash NAS Solutions now shipping

August 9, 2017 – Sanford, Florida

SimplyNAS announces the availability of All-Flash NAS solutions integrated with choice of 1TB or 2TB Solid State Drives for selected NAS servers ranging in the 4 to 16 bay categories with a maximum of 32TB of Flash Storage for under $8635.00 equating to $269.78 per Terabyte. The pricing represents a new level of affordability for prosumers and Small Business owners.

Are you looking for a Holistic NAS solution that helps lower latency, boost performance and meet your data needs? SimplyNAS Flash solutions are an ideal way to update infrastructure to benefit from the advantages of all flash storage. Why wait on spinning disks when you can have powerful performance and improved reliability of solid-state drives.

Dynamic write acceleration is optimized for common client computing environments, where data writing operations tend to occur in bursts, offering the highest performance possible without decreasing user capacity. Our SATA SSDs provide the ability to tune the drive to achieve the specific capacity, endurance and performance to meet your needs. Our 1TB and 2TB SSDs. Sequential read (530 MB/s), Sequential write (500 MB/s), Random Read (IOPS) 92K, Random Write (IOPS) 83K. Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) 1.5 million hours, ideally suited for SMB NAS servers up to 8 bays.

The new Flash NAS range is inclusive of the new Synology DS1517+ (8GB), DS1817+ (8GB), the QNAP TS-1635 16-Bay, TS-453B 4-bay, TS-653B 6-bay, TVS-473, TVS-673 and the TVS-873.

Prices range from $1338.00 to $8633.00 for the full 32TB Flash model.    

The real advantage of flash storage isnt speed – though it has plenty of that. ITS TIME.

Your external and internal stakeholders all depend on your company data, and they all need it instantly. When its not there fast enough decision making slows down, business lags and satisfcation decreases.

Flash Storage helps you put data in the hands of those that need it in less time than tradtional alternatives. Here is what you can get;

·         Improved customer and internal satisfcation

·         Increased Efficency

·         Extended life and improved relaibility

·         Optimized IT productivity


The SimplyNAS ALL-Flash solutions are the way forward for businesses of all sizes requiring to be always on, and not have to content with the reliability issues that traditionally have plagued spinning drives. For a small business, the investment may seem high at first but rewards can be had in the form of reliability and when information is required quickly, with little or no fuss.

The SimplyNAS All-Flash solutions are perfect for big data analysis, video post-production, virtualization, and handling any demanding database application that requires high IOPS and low latency at the same time. Why not call one of our NAS experts to help you configure the ideal ALL-Flash NAS for your needs today on 407-797-0207

Check out the All-Flash NAS range today


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