July 2017: UTM Inc. located in Palisades Park, New Jersey, proudly presents to members of the public, a new product that is second to none in the market of power banks, an AC Power bank, which can be indeed called “Life Battery AIR” because of its inbuilt ability to extend the battery life of devices. This product has been particularly designed for MacBook users, Apple users, and Indiegogo users. This product is already in the market as at July 17, 2017, and launched at Indiegogo.

Because of the shortcomings of other AC PowerBanks, and the previous one by UTM Inc., Life Battery has been designed significantly: 

To match MacBook 2017 colors
To transmit clean electricity into the Apple device(s) without forcing over Apple’s technological limit
All output ports are now placed on top of the PowerBank to allow stable connection between the battery and the charging plug, and
To make full output power to 100W (from the former 87W) anytime and under any condition.

“There are billions of Apple users all around the world, and we are just few of them. We carry Apple devices everywhere and they frequently ask that we feed them. But you are not always next to the wall socket. You can just take this with your lunch bag and have lunch with your Apple, or feed them in your bag”. These are the words of the company’s Marketing Manager, David Lee, during a conversation.

About the product: LifeBattery AIR

The LifeBattery AIR is Apple’s newest friend because it has been designed to match the MacBook beautifully, such that that it is convenient and easy to carry about. It has also been made in different beautiful colors to suit the color of your MacBook design. The product is a combination of Apple. Able. Stable. This means that the LifeBattery AIR makes it convenient to charge your Apple, and enables your battery to stay flat whilst the connection remains stable.

With LifeBattery AIR, you can relax while your device charges, all you need to do is just “cling”. The LifeBattery AIR is limitless, it can charge any type of device and expand its battery life up to 1,960hrs.

The most fascinating feature of this product is the multi Charger for AIR. There is no need rushing to charge your multiple LifeBattery AIR if you have this multi charger. All you need to do is just place your batteries on the ports, the multi charger will automatically recognize your battery level and start charging with the highest remaining LifeBattery, and this will work on other ones in order.

For more information about this amazing product, LifeBattery AIR, visit the website on:



Contact Details:

Name: David Lee

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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