DAS-Cyber All Set To Take Cyber Security Compliance to the Next Level

Bloomfield, Michigan, USA (July 01, 2017) – With the world going digital at lightning pace, the necessity of cyber security has literally quadrupled over the past half decade. All businesses, companies, organizations and institutions especially those that require users to part with their personal and financial details have to comply with strict cyber security laws as specified by respective nations and at a global scale. DAS Cyber presented by Dynamic Advisory Solutions is an accelerated endeavor in this direction, and is expected to make an indelible name in the worldwide cyber security market by the end of this year.

As has been expressed by the think tank behind this venture, DAS Cyber has been designed to ensure easy compliance in the part of users with current rules and regulations of cyber security while adding enhanced features to cater to the purpose. Brilliant and engaging as this sounds, this company is presently open to crowd funding which is an excellent means for interested entities to have their names linked with one of the worthiest projects that will commence yielding returns in as less as in the next few months after launch.

Cyber security market was 77$ billion in 2015 and is expected to rise to 170$ billion by 2020. The scope for jobs in this sector will also escalate by the millions with over 1 million jobs open and available right now. These statistics have been very inspiring for motivated entities to come forward and invest in DAS Cyber endeavors to give it a healthy start at the estimated date of launch.

About DAS-Cyber:
DAS Cyber is a cyber security compliance endeavor that is all set to be launched in 20th June 2017 by Dynamic Advisory Solutions. This new endeavor is expected to gain effective foothold of the worldwide cyber security market by the end of 2020.

To learn more about DAS Cyber and funding the project, visit https://igg.me/at/DAS-Cyber


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