Nicole Pretorius, Founder of SheCanCode, inspires at the Diversity in Tech conference

Nicole Pretorius, Founder of SheCanCode, inspires at the Diversity in Tech conference

The Female gender is not frequently found in the Tech world. Most times the conditions for survival is not very favorable as the male gender is most frequently given the upper hand in employment opportunities. Only 19% of computer science grads are women.

The aim of SheCanCode is to bridge the digital skill gap by empowering women to venture into Tech and prosper there. This will help create a more balanced gender equality profile in recruitment. The females would be better empowered and there would be diversity in the work place.

About the Conference

Nicole Pretorius spoke at the Diversity in Tech 2017 conference, which discusses how we can increase diversity and equal opportunity in the fastest growing sector of our economy. 

Nicole was commended for her emotional and moving speech. Her passion for her revolutionary work across the tech industry was applauded as “truly inspiring” (@Tia_Priest).

About Nicole Pretorius

Nicole’s presentation spoke about her history and how she had juggled her way through to her current expertise. She noticed that there was a gender diversity in tech positions and decided to do something about it.

“I was intrigued by this problem that was plaguing the tech industry and its inability to attract or retain diverse talent. I started going to women in tech events, interviewing role models in tech, and after some time decided to start a blog to share stories about ‘gender diversity in technology’; inviting other writers that shared my mission: to bridge the digital skills gap by empowering women to enter and remain in technology; to join.”

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