Dialogue Wise, programmable contents delivered via API and hosted on cloud

May 9, 2017: Having challenges in getting your content delivered to multiple platforms like your website or mobile app? Are your struggling to keep your application future-proof? Dialogue Wise, an API-based content management system have the solution to your challenges. Dialogue Wise delivers your content via API, which means it can be consumed by a range of different applications, be it websites, mobile apps, or any connected devices (aka the Internet of Things), which could mean everything from your Smart TV or Apple Watch to your fridge or your car dashboard.

The company also hosts the content in the cloud and made available whenever and wherever it's needed. The infrastructures will be well taken care of, and there is no reason to worry about any installation, database, or upgrades.

Dialogue Wise also provides a feature which they call as "programmable contents". Using this feature, you can write programs that can generate content based on the context you provide. This allows you to dynamically generate and display content on your application based on the context.


Website: www.dialoguewise.com

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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