Wireless Earbuds Skyrocket on Amazon.com

Wireless Earbuds Skyrocket on Amazon.com

 April 27, 2017: Following the unmitigated success of the all new success by Budmi, the wireless earbud continues to trend upwards. The US-based company is happy to have just released their 2017 Budmi Wireless Earbuds. This product is specially made for runners and athletes of all types of disciplines around the world.

 According to the Budmi’s Customer Service Representative, “We are delighted with initial customer feedback of this product - The design keeps the earbuds in place. We have received numerous amounts of positive reviews from our customers all around the world.”

The Budmi Wireless earbuds have many features including:

·         Bluetooth connection

·         Noise filter

·         Sweat proof

·         Long lasting battery

·         Automatic Pairing Function and many more

  The various customer testimonials gathered by Budmi also suggests that Budmi Wireless Earbuds are crafted for comfort so that users never experience that painful feeling of a headphone bouncing in your ear.

Readers can find Budmi’s premium wireless earbuds available on Amazon.com where customers will receive free 2-day shipping on orders over $49 (Forty-Nine dollars).


About Budmi:

Budmi is a cutting edge wireless earbud company located in Wilmington, Delaware that has heightened thousands of technology connoisseurs workout and lifestyle earbud experiences. They specialize in developing premium level wireless earbuds.

Contact Budmi:

Brandon McElroy


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.              

1201 N Orange St.

Suite #7160

Wilmington, DE 19801

866 242 0871

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