How To Wireless Charge Your iPhone 6 or 7

Silicon Valley, April 24, 2017 - The iPhone 8 will reportedly finally feature wireless charging. Why wait??? You can wireless charge your iPhone 6 or 7 right now.

While Apple preps to announce wireless charging as the big update to the iPhone, many savvy iPhone users are already wireless charging their smartphones, staying months ahead of the game. There has been considerable speculation about what the iPhone 8 will cost once it's released. Many have suggested that it will likely start at $1000 or more. You can wireless charge your iPhone for less than $50.

What is wireless charging? It is the term used to describe inductive charging, which allows energy transfer through touch. The goal being that by simply placing your smartphone on a charging pad, it will automatically begin charging, like so...

No need to fiddle around with cords or spend time tracking down the missing wall jack! Wireless charging allows consumers the option to charge their smartphone on a surface - This eliminates the need to plug a cable into your iPhone's USB port. Instead, you simply place it on top of a charging surface and VOILA, you have power!

How to add wireless charging to your iPhone...

While wireless charging may not be featured on the iPhone by default, fear not Apple fans, there is a solution. The solution is the Qi Receiver case.

The only noticeable difference between the receiver case and a regular case is the connector at the end, which slides into the charging port of your iPhone. The real difference is the qi compatible wireless receiver within the case. Once you put your iPhone in the case, you can now place your phone on a wireless charging pad and it will start charging. Like magic!

With a Qi Receiver Case on an iPhone 6 or 7 it can be charged by placing it on any standard wireless charging pad. Amazon has a full charging kit -

While some iPhone users will be parting with $800-$1200 in September to have the ability to wireless charge their iPhone, you can wireless charge your iPhone 6 or 7 for around $40 today.

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