Use customer emails to create successful promotion campaign

Use customer emails to create successful promotion campaign

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Businesses today routinely harvest customer emails. But how many businesses use this information to create successful advertising campaigns?

"If you have your customer contact information, use them. They already want to do with business with you. Remind them that you're still there and you are always ready to serve them," said Vijay Chetty, owner of Click & Clear Communications.

Customers are more likely to open and read an email from a place they've shopped and familiar with. Many customers look forward to getting email updates because they look forward to special sales and new products coming into the store.

If you want to get new customers, send emails to prospects in your neighborhood.Email is cheaper than the Post Office and cheaper than faxing. Email is a direct connection between you and your customers and potential customers.You can use email to reach prospects in your neighborhood. Announce a big sale. Introduce a new product or service.

"You can use email campaign to promote just about anything. One campaign that has a lot of success is a customer appreciation sale. You blast an email about the special promotion. Your customers see the special that's only for customers and they feel wanted," he said.

Email campaigns are also a good way to build new business. Email lists are for sale by a variety of companies. These lists can be tailored in several ways to make sure a business is reaching the customer base that is most likely to respond to the offer.

Mr. Chetty pointed out people are constantly moving into and out of neighborhoods. Email blasts are a great way to make contact and introduce a business to the new arrivals.

"When someone is new to a community, they need information. They want information. They need to know where to go for everything. You can be the source for them, but they have to know you are in business. Use email to tell them," he said.

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