Credit Umbrella Offers TurboScore Software, a Credit Repair Solutions for Clients

Credit Umbrella Offers TurboScore Software, a Credit Repair Solutions for Clients

Credit Umbrella provides TurboScore, an easy-to-use and intuitive online credit repair software that helps clients to track their progress, create dispute letters and deal with creditors. The software can also create a credit repair business opportunity for customers, allowing them to work as credit repair agency from home. With the help of in-house attorneys and financial consultants, Credit Umbrella delivers the most powerful credit repair software that blends high level of credit, financial and legal expertise with unmatched technology in the market. They are compliant with all the ethical standards and are 100% legal.

On the end year celebrations, Credit Umbrella’s Loans Officer explaining the use of TurboScore stated, “Our product is a multi-user software that enables you to add and manage limitless customers profiles and gives you with a complete view of each one of them. It’s user-friendly and needs no particular computer or financial knowledge to operate. With the step-by-step video guidance, you can learn the credit repair process and achieve incredible results fast. The best part is that it has all the tools that professional credit repair companies use to improve scores, so you won’t have to pay additional money for the services that you can do yourself.”

TurboScore Professional Edition is well-built credit repair and debt management software that has all the tools required to start, manage and run the best credit repair service business. With over 80 million Americans struggling with credit problems, this software adds many cutting-edge elements to help users coordinate unlimited clients profiles. TurboScore Professional is perfect for brokers, mortgage, realtors, paralegal, accountants, car dealerships and any business in the financial industry. Other key features include limitless dispute letter generation, credit repair web portal and an entire library of professional dispute letters drafted by attorneys.

“When looking for starting a credit repair business, the TurboScore fits in well. It allows you to track your customer’s progress without a hassle, mark items as fixed, verified or deleted. It has interactive menus and pick-list. Every dispute category and pick-list have its data fields and drop-down menus, including, account areas, inquiry dates and more. Moreover, your customers are instantly engaged in the process of credit restoration, because they can get their questions answered at the exact time they want them answered,” Concluded the Credit Officer.

Credit scores help lenders to determine the interest rates they can give a client. Lower scores can hinder customers from renting a beautiful apartment or make them ineligible for certain jobs. However, there are many ways to improve credit scores fast. Clients can dispute errors and inaccuracies, ensure proper credit lines are posted on their credit reports and make payments on time. Additionally, they can pay down debt and don’t max out their accounts and keep old positive & revolving accounts open.

About Credit Umbrella

Credit Umbrella is a software development company offering one of the most intuitive yet effective credit software for the Canadian and US Citizens.

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