Vulsec Unveils New Explanatory Cybersecurity Video

Vulsec, LLC, (, a firm that protects companies from unauthorized access (hackers), recently unveiled a new YouTube video that details how companies can become vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and what they can do to prevent and protect themselves from such attacks.  The video can be viewed at


The video takes an informative and entertaining approach toward instructing viewers about the dangers of hackers, describing how they might be making their organization’s infrastructure vulnerable without realizing it, and explaining what they can do to protect themselves from current and future threats.  The video is two minutes and 14 seconds long.








“Every day it seems some new organization or company is making headlines because of a security breach,” said Andrew Ostashen, Co-Founder and Principal Security Consultant of Vulsec.  “Everyone – no matter how small or large of an organization – is vulnerable, but understanding the risks and the incorporating the right kind of protection can go a long way to staving off cybersecurity attacks.


“I hope viewers find this video helpful, so they better understand our approach, as well as understand how hackers penetrate a company’s infrastructure in the first place,” Ostashen added.


About Vulsec

Vulsec, established to provide clients with the highest methodologies in data protection, delivers versatile tactics to safeguard information technology departments from hackers.  The company provides unsurpassed skills in the fields of Social Engineering, Penetration testing, Simulated Attacks, Mobile Device Risk Assessments and Enterprise Risk Assessments.  With a client list ranging from financial institutions to power plants, casinos to hospitals, the team at Vulsec uncovers the risks threatening a company’s data, provides remediation and then infiltrates the system to ensure it can no longer be hacked.  Vulsec has locations at 30 Newbury Street and 745 Atlantic Avenue, Boston.  For additional information, please call 617-648-9815 or visit




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