Credit Umbrella Offering Feature Rich TurboScore Professional Edition At Reasonable Prices

Credit Umbrella Offering Feature Rich TurboScore Professional Edition At Reasonable Prices

Credit Umbrella, a widely recognized software solution provider, is offering TurboScore Professional Edition for those seeking rewarding career opportunities at minimal investment. 

Hailed as a panacea for all credit repair issues, TurboScore, a credit repair software range, is allowing Americans and Canadians to achieve their credit goals in a convenient, efficient, and legitimate manner. A flagship product of Credit Umbrella, TurboScore comes in four variants – TurboScore Home, TurboScore Professional, Turbo Dispute Online, and TurboScore Canada – to allow for all budgets and credit repair needs. One of Credit Umbrella’s offerings, TurboScore Professional allows an individual to initiate and operate credit repair business and end up earning handsome remunerations without much investment. 

Replying to a query related to TurboScore Professional edition, one of the executives at Credit Umbrella recently stated, “The number of US citizens reeling under the miseries inflicted by low credit score is on the rise. Thereby, the conditions are ripe for a flourishing credit repair business. At Credit Umbrella, we understand it well enough to offer TurboScore Professional, a feature rich software solution that ensures consistent ROI at low investment. The fact that we are an operation founded by top financial consultants and attorneys serves as a guarantee for TurboScore Professional’s legitimacy.”  

TurboScore Professional Edition is robust credit repair and debt management software coming complete with all essential tools needed for starting, running and managing a successful credit repair business. The said product is an improved version of TurboScore Home edition. This implies that it carries all features of TurboScore Home edition in addition to other cutting-edge components. The user can coordinate an unlimited client profile approach to yield superior results without investing much time and effort. Resultantly, it can serve the interests of financial consultants, mortgage brokers, realtors, accountants, paralegal, car dealerships, and other businesses related to financial industry.

Shedding light on the TurboScore Professional Edition, the executive further stated, “TurboScore Professional is essentially multi-user credit repair software capable of adding and managing unlimited client profiles while providing the user with a complete view of each customer. Thanks to TurboScore’s proprietary dispute wizard technology, the software can automatically generate professional dispute letters written by attorneys. More importantly, the user receives dispute letters in less than 10 seconds, which is commendable. The repository of professional dispute letters written by attorneys comes handy in dealing with Equifax, Experian and Transunion, as well as Collection Agencies, Original Creditors and ChexSystems.” 

TurboScore’s credit repair web portal also offers a competitive advantage to the TurboScore Professional user. The user can gain access to customers in real-time through web portal from anywhere, anytime. Ensuring discreteness in operations, each customer gets a username and password to log in. The entire customer data managed in TurboScore credit repair business software is automatically updated in the customer portal without any intervention from the user. Apparently, TurboScore Professional is one stop solution for those who wish to find credit repair letters templates  or access quick credit repair service

About Credit Umbrella:

Credit Umbrella is a reputable and reliable software solutions provider based in Glendale California. TurboScore, a credit-repair software range, is its premium product that allows for convenient and cost effective credit repair. Besides allowing removal of discrepancies inherit in the credit report, the software also an ideal solution for those who want to start credit repair business .

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