- A grim reminder of how Video Games can be disruptive

Many of the rehab centres in the cities are filled with video game addicts to get over addiction on game. But, surprisingly most of them are kids and teenagers! The addiction leads to many symptoms like turning them angry, depressed or sometime even violent. If parents or guardians interfere with computer, child becomes more and more cranky, cry a lot, and sometimes avoids food or can sometimes throw things hurting others.

Biological aspect of video games addiction is uncertain. Addiction is said to be psychological component which is dealt in brain and makes players forget present world. The online games can be played anytime of the day and are very fantasizing. Some games even include player to interact with other fellow players of the game and can exchange game goodies. Due to such addiction kids are losing focus in school and are very dominant. For these kids, virtual life is more pleasing than real life.

Some of the warning signs of video addiction may include-

Playing for more than five to six hours a day.
Mind will always focus on gaming even while doing other daily chores.
Many people get addicted to these video games to escape from real life worries like anxiety and depression.
Game addiction leads person to lie frequently about their gaming.
When tried to cut down gaming, they become more irritable.
More- over, video game addiction leads to isolation and stop from meeting friends and family.
Once they get addicted to video gaming, kids completely stop playing outdoors.
Always keep logs of child for how long they are playing.
If child does not react to time limits, seek professional help without delaying till situation gets worse. Read more on

Treatment for video game addiction

Like many other addictions, video game addiction is similar but it is directed with high usage of computers. Now day’s computer is required in all fields. Without computer working is painful. As there are many uses, disadvantages are also there.

Single player game

A chain of missions linked with mission briefings are featured in single player game. Level attack mode can be played once after completing the level. This method is same as time trial mode with an exception of score and number of assassins is recorded.

Difficulty of the game is differentiated in to three levels such as easy, medium and hard. The difficulty level affects the artificial intelligence or AI of the bugs, and makes person sense they are too noticing and next moment they start attacking sooner in easy way. Amount of ammunition and grenades are available till the end of the play and depend upon health of the bosses during different levels.

Most of the missions involve around the player who removes obstacles on his way finishing single objective. But the player’s main motto is to salvage comrades. This game spins around player to surface soldiers, retrieve supplies, protect them, equipment fixing and finally run off.

During mission, player can get into one or many bosses; boss is significant computer controlled enemy. A fight along with character of boss is usually known as boss fight or boss fight. As crossing more levels, difficulty levels progresses and tougher enemies, better shooter guns are available for the player.

Multi player game

Star ship troopers in a multiplayer game consists of three diverse modes like- team deathmatch, deathmatch, and co op. The highly recognized and popularized one is co op which involves players defending mechanic from an attack of arachnids along with that recovering parts to mend an escape way in to drop ship. Multiplayer game is promised with dedicated hosting service which is a type of internet hosting in which server is not shared with anyone else rather than client. Even modifications tools are by no means released beside the multi players are very less in number. The multi player game has many back logs like- the game does not respond to any server or console commands which further makes it unable admin functions like ban, kick or change in map.

Death match play is not very competitive because, assessment of the weapons is unswervingly obtained from single player mode. When compared with many other weapons, rocket launcher dominates the game since it scores comparative more damage when dealt with other weapons. Rocket launcher has more area of consequence, can be rapidly fired and has very large margine. The newest version of multiplayer game is released in 2005 with new co op maps.

The game has received mixed reviews with players stating technical issues. There are very few character models, leaving more similar looking troopers.


Many people start playing video games in computers just for fun and later cannot stop them without gaming. If players use computers to play, they have to use it responsibly, by limiting play time. There are many interesting video games on web. One among them is Starship Troopers at We need only internet connection to play. Starship shooters are first person shooter face to face game surfaced on web. Game is played in two different types that is- single player game and multi player game.


Too much of video game addiction can ruin life of young players. Children who spend more than five hours a day playing video games are less socializing, lose interest in studies and doing home work, or some- times even refuse to play out- door sports and so on. Some adults are also involved in compulsive gaming by playing late nights leaving food and sleep. The website talks about all that a parent should know about video game addictions, social media addictions and more.






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