Ian Leaf Fraud Announces New Youtube Video

Ian Leaf Fraud Announces New Youtube Video

On the subject of fraud, Ian Leaf announces a new Youtube video titled “Ian Leaf Fraud”.

Popular online scam and fraudster detective Ian Leaf recently discovered the video published by a fan. Leaf says, “I didn’t even know the Ian Leaf Fraud video existed until I stumbled upon it almost by accident. I was watching some videos on Youtube as research and my name caught my eye.”

This wasn’t the first time that Leaf stumbled across something similar. Over the years other fans have created fan sites with the purpose of talking about Leaf and his business partner Ian Andrews. Both Leaf and Andrews found this comical. “Finding a ‘fan site’ was shocking as we’re just regular guys fighting fraud and fraudsters. Having people appreciate your work is always nice, but I didn’t expect this type of support from the community. It goes to show what people think about scams and scammers, fraud and fraudsters,” said Ian Leaf.

One of the other sites that Leaf accidently discover was created by a Chicago area fan who goes by Nick Alsis. Nick says, “I’ve, like most people, been the victim of a scam so anything I can do to stop it, I’ll do.” Alsis set up a fan site and frequently talks about Ian Leaf fraud stopping activities.

Ian Leaf can be found on most social media platforms including LinkedIn.

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