Randi Glazer Launches New Website Dedicated to Executive Leadership and Team Building

Randi Glazer Launches New Website Dedicated to Executive Leadership and Team Building

Randi Glazer, the underwriting director for RM Global Risk Management, is announcing the launch of a new website in which she will feature articles on the role of executive leadership in the insurance industry as well as strategies for ensuring consistently effective management.

With the announcement of the launch of her new website, senior insurance professional Randi Glazer is continuing to share the expansive knowledge she has gained over the course of a lengthy and successful career as an executive in the insurance and underwriting industry. Glazer, who has already authored several books on strategies for thriving as an insurance professional, has indicated that the new website will focus on issues concerning executive leadership.

In launching the new website, Glazer is determined to assist both current and aspiring business leaders by sharing information and advice drawn from her own experiences as both an executive and as an employee. Glazer, who is now the underwriting director at RM Global Risk Management, has already published several articles on effective executive leadership strategies, and she currently has a number of other articles scheduled for publication in the near future.

“I’ve never met a professional in a position of leadership who set out with the intent to reduce the efficiency of their team members or to adversely affect overall staff productivity, yet there are always examples in which an executive’s actions lead to these kinds of unintentional consequences,” said Glazer. “It is for this reason that I felt it necessary to launch this new website, and I believe that the information provided through this platform will help business leaders become more aware of the situations and circumstances in which a specific action is appropriate and will yield the best possible outcome.”

Glazer, who is also known for her international business experience, intends for the website to include regular guest features in which managers and executives offer their own insight and expertise regarding the most effective approach to leadership. The new website is currently accessible to readers, and Glazer expects that new articles will continue to be published on a weekly basis going forward.


About Randi Glazer

Randi Glazer is the underwriting director of RM Global Risk Management, bringing many years of previous experience as a senior insurance professional and industry executive to her current role. Glazer is also a frequently published author who has written articles and books on a variety of subjects relating to her diverse areas of professional expertise.

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