Vulsec Opens Second Location at 745 Atlantic Avenue, Boston

Vulsec, LLC, (, a firm protecting companies with protection from unauthorized access (hackers), recently announced the opening of its second location, at 745 Atlantic Avenue in Boston.  Vulsec’s new office is located on the eighth floor in the South Station WeWork community.


This location complements Vulsec’s original office, located at 30 Newbury Street in Boston.


Co-founded by Andrew Ostashen of Quincy, Vulsec delivers tactics tailored to arm information technology departments against hackers, using a proprietary Security Life Cycle.  The three-pronged approach to security management is straightforward – find the data, secure the data and defeat the hackers. 


Within the WeWork space, the team at Vulsec will continue to work with client companies including financial institutions, power plants, hospitals, casinos, restaurants, hotels and retail chains.  By assessing the risks threatening data, the security experts at Vulsec analyze the shortcomings of a business’s Information Security Program.  Vulsec then works within a partnership network to remediate present and potential information security issues.


Ostashen, also principal security consultant of Vulsec, selected the WeWork location as he felt the entrepreneurial community offered opportunities for innovation and collaboration.  He anticipates holding future “Lunch and Learn” seminars on cybersecurity and related topics at the new locale.


Vulsec will hold a panel discussion at the new location (745 Atlantic Avenue, 8th floor) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on June 7. This panel will feature leading experts within the various fields of information security who will discuss the latest information security issues.


“We are excited to join the WeWork community,” said Ostashen.  “It’s a great fit for Vulsec , and we look forward to getting to know our business partners in the community.”



About Vulsec

Vulsec, established to provide clients with the highest methodologies in data protection, delivers versatile tactics to safeguard information technology departments from hackers.  The company provides unsurpassed skills in the fields of Social Engineering, Penetration Testing, Simulated Attacks, Mobile Device Risk Assessments and Enterprise Risk Assessments.  With a client list ranging from financial institutions to power plants, casinos to hospitals, the team at Vulsec uncovers the risks threatening a company’s data, provides remediation and then infiltrates the system to ensure it can no longer be hacked.  Vulsec has locations at 30 Newbury Street and 745 Atlantic Avenue, Boston.  For additional information, please call 617-648-9815 or visit

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